[USS Vanguard] Incomming message from Angel one

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  • Date: Sun, 4 Nov 2001 23:06:49 +0100

Lt. Highwaij Chief Communications Officer
Event Horizon / Bridge
After: Eternal Torment

Highwaij listened to the stories that where told and smiled as
he remembered the parties and old stories that where told around this time
when he was still at the primary school or at his time at the academy.

Then his combadge gave a signal and Highwaij walked away from the group
then he activated his combadge
"Highwaij here go ahead"

"This is the bridge, can you get up here, we're getting a signal from Angel
One" one of
the junior comm. officers replayed

"On my way" Highwaij said as he walked back to the group.
Slowly he walked to them as the listened to another story.
Then he placed his hand on Q'beds and Soman's shoulders
"Sorry, don't want to spoil the evening but got to go. Soman perhaps
you join me on the bridge we're getting an incoming signal call Zena"
Highwaij said as he disappeared

A few minutes later Highwaij arrived at the bridge and walked to
his new station as he started to look at the message.
"Highwaij report" Zena said as she Santos and Soman arrived on the bridge

"It's from Angel One they want to talk to us Something about the Carolina
and they don't sound friendly" Highwaij said
"My advice is to fill the bridge with the female senior officers and a few
male officers to be their assistants"

"So you probably want to stay" Santos said "while Mr. Drath and I hide in my

"That's my advice but its up to you" Highwaij said as he waited for their

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