[USS Vanguard] Incite into the Past.

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  • Date: Sat, 23 Aug 2003 14:33:46 +0100

Lt. Cmd. Cynan Mandrake.
Location: USS Vanguard; Bridge, Counselling Suite.
Time: After "Dark Matter" (Andy).

Subject: Ripples from the Past.

[USS Vanguard; Bridge]
  The mission had taken its toll on various members of the crew. He
  hated how he wasn't there for them, that he wasn't there to be able
  to do more then he did. Sometimes being in control of the helm was 
  the last place that he wanted to be.

  At the controls of the Vanguard he sat. Staring into space - his 
  own little world. He was thinking of the times that he'd acted on 
  his will rather then that of his superiors (usually landing him in
  trouble) and how when he had run with The Pitt Contract he felt 
  more free. Yes, he was free then. He could do what he pleased. Sure 
  there were dangers, but the feeling was there. "One day", he 
  thought, "I'll get my own ship, and "I'll be free again - legally".

  =^= "Jaav to Mandrake, come in? You were due for your appointment 2
       minutes ago."

  =^= "I'm on my way, Jaav."

  He picked himself up from the seat and headed to counselling suite. 
  As he walked he cast his mind back to the other day and to his 
  first session...


[USS Vanguard; Counselling Suite]
  Jaav's shift was nearly over and he was getting ready to leave when
  the door chimed and Cynan walked in.

  "Cynan, I was just abou.. why don't you take a seat ?", he 
  finished, always willing to accommodate as Cynan burst in and sat 
  down unannounced and without prior arrangement.

  Jaav picked up a PADD and sat down on the sofa adjacent to the one 
  Cynan was sitting and there the two sat, motion and voiceless.

  The big hand on a old-earth replicated clock hanging on Jaav's wall 
  shifted from 6, to the 8 and then to the 12. Although Jaav was a 
  patient man and knew that when a patient was ready to talk they 
  would, time was getting on and he had an appointment to keep with 


  "For a long time memories of the past have haunted my dreams."

  Jaav sat listening and waited for anything more.

  "Perhaps it is my punishment, perhaps I always knew that they'd one 
   day come back to look in me in the eye."

  Mandrake stopped and looked at Jaav in the eye.

  "And on that ship", he paused, his head slightly nodding, his eyes 
  beginning to glisten as they started to fill with tears, "they did. 
  I know The Captain will want answers from me but I just.."

  "It's alright, Cynan. Just take your time."

  Cynan breathed in and let out a sign before standing up. "I'll see 
  you tomorrow Jaav.", and with that, walked out the room.

  Jaav stayed sitting for a while and looked out of the portal and 
  out to the stars, thinking about what Cynan had said. Then the 
  sudden remembrance that he was supposed to be meeting Zena 20 
  minutes ago dawned on him and he rushed out to go meet her.

[To Be Continued...]

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