[USS Vanguard] Important! OoC: Players' Feedback

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  • Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004 13:31:32 -0600


For some time now, I've been thinking about shaking things up on the Vanguard. 
For those of you who have been around long enough to remember, the transition 
from the Astoria to the Vanguard was an exciting time with a lot of creative 
energy. I wish we could recapture some of that energy, but I know that 
fostering a new era of creativity would be twice as desirable as trying to 
recapture a bygone era.

For that purpose, I'm throwing the doors wide open. I have a few questions 
below that I would like everyone to start thinking about and to respond, either 
publicly or privately (if you're more comfortable with a private response).

I want everyone's opinion, if you have one. I want the good and the bad. What 
do you like about the Vanguard? What do you like about the structures, 
missions, the Fleet, your fellow players? What would you like to see 
changed/done differently/done away with altogether?

Nobody will be "penalized" or dismissed from the game for their answers. Having 
said that, please remember the number one rule for critiques--be constructive 
(focus on what works and encourage that from your fellow players) rather than 
the destructive (insulting, rash, hasty, thoughtless or needlessly harsh 
criticism that serves nothing toward helping us improve).

And from this point forward, I'll be posting at least once every other day. I 
think at the very least, you all need to know that I'm "here," that I'm devoted 
to this sim, and that I continue to think about the characters and events and 
will continue to post about them.

However, I think one thing that holds me back as well is my desire not to 
"dominate" the flow of the mission or plot. (If I'm the only one posting, 
that's not a lot of fun...for anyone.) So I usually slow down, post, and take 
stock of who's posted and what direction we're headed before posting again, in 
order to give everyone a chance to respond before I post.

But maybe that doesn't work. Maybe you all prefer that I post more often. (I 
know that once every week or every two weeks is not working well, and I hope 
that by posting every day or two, I can at least rectify that.)

So please do give me your opinions. They will be passed along to Chris and Mel 
(Hey, Chris and Mel--are you still out there?! :) ), and all serious, 
thoughtful opinions will be given due weight.

Some points for considering possible changes:

1.      A permanently new commanding officer character.

2.      Different types of missions. (Please be specific.)

3.      Reorganization of ?command structure??Players who have not posted in 
months/have not emailed in three missions asked to leave.

4.      More feedback from Andy, Chris and/or Mel.

5.      More focus on character development/interaction with other players. (Or 
less character development and more mission- and story-driven plots.)

6.      Other. (Please be specific.)

As always, thank you for your participation. You know that without you, we 
would not be a game at all. With you, I think we're still one of the best, with 
the potential to be even *better*.



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