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  • Date: Tue, 7 May 2002 15:02:22 -0700 (PDT)

As she'ra began her fight with Highwaij again, she
thought about what he said.

She'ra: He loved these blades you know?
Highwaij: And why do you think he left them here with
She'ra: For safe keeping..
Highwaij: That's how much he trusts you. So are you
goin to take my advice and go?
She'ra: I don't know Highwaij. What if he freaks the
moment he sees me? Then what?
Highwaij: You keep trying.

She'ra stopped swinging her blade long enough to stare
at Highwaij then attacked again.

She'ra: I don't know... I want to get off this base.. 
Highwaij: Aren't you even going to look around?
she'ra: Why bother? I was going to so that with Cyan
but I can't now.

She'ra sat down again when she noticed Highwaij's eyes
going around the room. She looked around seeing the
mess she had made in her anger. smiling nervously.

She'ra: I was a little angry.
Highwaij: A little? That's an understatement. Isn't
that a picture of Cyan?
She'ra: Yeah. That's what I wanted to do to his head,
but he was gone so I had to settle for the next best


Lt. (jg) she'ra Khan
uss vanguard

off: hey Highwaij are you a telepath?


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