[USS Vanguard] I know we're in the thick of things...

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OOC: But I've been sitting on this...

LT jg Ceelak Nostrova stood in front of the doctor looking a little 
uncomfortable. The doctor saw a female Alorian with light blue skin, deep dark 
green eyes and greenish hair.

 "Doctor," Ceelak said, "I'm the new exchange officer. I was informed all new 
crew need to have a physical, so I'm reporting for that if you or a member of 
your staff have the time."

 Ceelak hoped they didn't.

 Xristha set down the PADD she was reading and smiled. ?Lieutenant, it?s rare 
when one of you seek me out.? It?s not like the new commanding officer had made 
a trip. She motioned to a biobed. ?I?ve got a little time.?

 One of the things Ceelak wanted to do was find out about the many different 
races on the ship and what they thought. She didn't hesitate to chatter away.

 "Everything is so new here to me and so strange, Doctor," she continued. "I 
haven't had much contact with other members of the crew. Can you recommend a 
way to get better acquainted?"

 Xristha picked up a tricorder and gently opened it. ?I think the best way is 
the lounge?the bar. Whatever they call it.? She snickered. ?Event Horizon. It?s 
where most of the crew hang out in the off hours.? She shrugged. ?You could 
always date someone to. I could hook you up with a nice eligible bachelor.? As 
the chief medical officer read the tricorder she smiled. ?Or bachelorette.? The 
mysterious Alorian had a genetic ability to alter sex. It wasn?t rare in living 
things, but uncommon in sentient life forms.

 "What are your people?" Ceelak asked.

 Xristha laughed. ?My parents were an agglomeration of species. I?m a bit of 
everything. I am mostly Betazoid with a pinch of Bandi and Romulan.? She 
finished running some genetic scanning.

 "Have you been in service long?" the Alorian inquired.

 Xristha smiled. ?In some cultures that would be like asking a woman her age. A 
taboo subject.? She continued, ?I?ve been in service long enough to get my way 
when I really ask.? She winked.

 "I must admit I'm still having problems finding my way around the ship," 
Ceelak said. "Are they always so large?"

 Xristha shook her head, ?No, there are small ships too. We have an interesting 
configuration. I don?t think you?ll find another like us. Ceelak, I just had an 
idea.? Xristha?s mind was plotting. ?Perhaps we could have a little get 
together to introduce you to the crew. Would you like that??




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