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Sub-lt. Chenki
USS Vanguard
When we return to Vanguard to present

(Chen'ki's room)

"??Ahhhh" moaned Chen'ki. He slowly opened is eyes.
"Where am I???oh?..yeah, the Vanguard." Remembered
Chen'ki. He got up and took a sonic shower. After he
got dressed he thought to himself what to do. Chen'ki
has been in every holodeck simulations and played tons
of games. Maybe he could help someone. He decided to
try engineering first.


When he got there he has to navigate his way though
all the people. Before he got 99999 he figured out by
all the people screaming at him that he was not needed
and will only make things worse. So he left to go try
and help someone else.


Has chen'ki was walking he noticed that for the first
time he did not think about how to get to the sickbay.
He than notice that he did not need to ask someone the
way to engineering. "This must mean am part of crew
now. Ohhh?..yeah." Chen'ki said to himself.


"Hey, Xrithra. Do you need help in anything." Chen'ki

"You, how can you help me. You don't know anything
about medicine"

"Well, maybe you can teach me, I'll like to learn"

"Maybe later Chen'ki. I have things to do right now

Chen'ki took the hint. She looked real nervous about
something. Like she wanted to ask someone a question
but did not know how. On the way out he past by Del.
"How did you get that scar Del, did you tell one of
your jokes again? Ha, ha." Chen'ki said with a smile.

(Back in Chen'ki's room)

        Chen'ki went to his meditate room and started to go
in deep thought.

(15 min. later)

Chen'ki could not meditate, he was to bored. All of a
sudden he jump up, has if a bullet had bit him in the
butt. "That's it, If I been in all of the
holo-programs I'll make my own. It will be an
interactive program, were time take place and
everything. It will be like a home away from home away
from home, well for me at least. Let see I need some
help. You should I ask?" He yelled outloud.

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beat them join them. TAG all of you who want to help!!!)

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