[USS Vanguard] Hypospray, hypospray - who's got the hypospray?

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Author: Dr Xristha Droin
Setting: Vanguard Sickbay
The Vanguard sickbay was one of the most technologically advanced sickbay in 
the fleet. Using new technology from timeslips, engineers adapted the medical 
rooms to provide instantaneous diagnostic services. The traditional Starfleet 
medical instruments and systems were mingled with holo-emitters, transporters, 
and replicators.
"All this technology and nothing works." Xristha said to the emergency medical 
team. She looked at the Andorian whose contusions were becoming apparent. The 
green blood was clotting on the surface of her body.
Xristha's hands were gently working across the woman's body, feeling for 
evidence of trauma. She paid no attention to the contingency of security who 
were ordered to stand guard.
"Computer, cross reference species with the ability to block medical sensors 
and treatment modalities." She ordered.
The computer worked the process. "There are two known species who block medical 
sensor diagnostics."
"List them."
"Q and the biologically enhanced Angosian sub-species." The computer replied.
Xristha noted various fractures in the Andorian. "Computer, what were the 
treatment modalities for the Angosian sub-species?"
"Manual diagnostic medical instruments."
"Computer, I need manual diagnostic medical instruments." An empty table that 
would have been full of PADDs, tricorders, and other electronic gizmos was 
replaced with a black medical bag.
Xristha ripped open the bag and pulled out a stethoscope and a 
sphygmomanometer. She tossed the blood pressure cuff to a nurse. "Let's go."
After the critical stage she was in the observation lounge off the side of the 
bridge giving a short presentation to the command staff.
"The Andorian will live. Our electronic medical devices were practically 
imperverish to her ability to block sensors. We've done everything by hand. 
Medical staff are currently running genetic sequencing to determine the extent 
of her mysterious abilities." She added, "They are certainly not Andorian." She 
sat down next to Soman.
Tag anyone?

Captain Natalia Bykov-Trevelyan PhD MD
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