[USS Vanguard] High Jinks

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Lt Sam McCaw
USS Vanguard - Shuttle Bay
After "There's a wolf on board!" 

Aliyah sauntered off to find the Captain, leaving Sam standing there looking 
stunned. After a few moments he decided against folling her - it would be far 
more fun to go to the shuttlebay. So after dodging the security guards on duty 
(both riotously drunk) Sam found himself at the helm of the Cob del Ray.

On the bridge a young ensign idly looked up from packing a newly replicated 
pipe with tobbacco and grunted. "HA! Someone's taken a shuttle out without 
authorisation, they're really tanking along as well, estimate they'll reach 
that asteroid field in... ah who cares?" He lit the pipe, lay back and stuck is 
feet up on the terminal. 

Meanwhile, on the coba del ray, Sam finished his beer and belched loadlly. "Ok, 
computer, what systems have we got juice left in them? We're still not going 
fast enough!" The computer gave what Sam could have sworn was a reproachful 
chirp before replying "Power from all non-critical systems has been diverted to 
the engines." 
Sam looked pensive. "Ok, lets play spin the bottle then." Little flecks of 
light beer splashed the viewscreen and Sam grinned as the bottle came to a 
halt. "Alrighty, deflectors it is!" 

Onboard the Vanguard, the young ensign had put Sam up on the viewscreen so the 
others could watch as he weaved between the asteroids at high speed. Suddenly, 
Sam's luck ran out, and a football sized asteroid clipped the aft section of 
the shuttle, it span wildly towards another much larger asteroid. 

Inside, Sam was laughing.

At the very last moment, Craig Kavan arrived on the bridge, ready to cease 
control, he appraised the situation quickly he kicked the giggling young ensign 
off his chair and hastily locked a tractor beam onto the shuttle. "I need that 
shuttle!" he raved. "I need it for my ship! And that silly sod McCaw is being 
transported to the brig. No one steals from MY ship!"

Unaware of the coup going on above him, Sam materialised in an unguarded and 
empty brig. Onroute, the transporters bio filters quietly removed the virus 
from Sam's blood - things had after all moved on a lot since Kirk's time. 

Five minutes of panic later, Sam had a plan. Unfortunately, he only managed to 
transport one senior officer to him before Kavan took control of the ships 
crucial systems and the chaos on board intensified! 

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