[USS Vanguard] Re: Hiding and it's getting hot

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  • Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2003 21:26:58 +0200

> > Lt. Highwaij
> > Conscript  Torpdo room
> > During / After "Turning up the what now?"

> [old]
> [Highwai didn't wait for a second and grapped Jazz's hand as they run
> out of the room, Highwaij looked around the corridors as they moved in to
it, holding  Jazz with one hand and a phaser in the other, whille Jazz
looked at the tricord she holded]
> "WHAT THE!!!!? " Jazz yelled as she felt Higwaij's had closed around her
wrist. Her legs just started moving. Her eyes glued to the tricorder she
just kept following his lead.
> Something was wrong. It wasn't showing anything in the torpedo casing
anymore. She was picking up  two unusual lifesigns up ahead, "Turn here!"
she whispered fiercly, "Two hostiles up ahead and they're packing the heat!"
> Highwaij turned exactly where she told him and they kept on moving. The
readings on the tricorder was weird, "how many passengers were supposed to
be on here?" she asked him. "Three," he answered. "Pluys the crew...Oh
> Highwaij looked at her briefly, "what now?"
> "It's getting hotter in here!" she reported, "Way above what our bodies
can stand!"

They bothl ooked around as they noticed a small opening in the wall covered
bye a hatch.
Together they moved the hatch and saw a small space behind it, narrowing as
it moved up.

"Get in" Highwaij said

"It isn't big enough, and we will be trapped"Jazz replayed

"I know but they got us surrounded, we got no oyher chooise"Highwaij said as
he helped Jazz in,
then he followed, the closed the hatch. They where standing in a small area
moving only up and down, they managed to move down a little so that they
where out of side
with their phasers pointed up to the opening,
As they stood in the small tube, they couldn't move down, only up for a few
inches, it was getting hotter in there
"Sorry ,looks like ti's only getting warmer" Highwaij whispered "Now it's up
to the Vanguard, to get us out of here, or we move out, in a few hours
trying to find a way out to one of the main controll area's or the bridge."

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