[USS Vanguard] Here and Now 3/3

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  • Date: Tue, 4 Nov 2003 01:47:05 +0000 (GMT)

ooc: I'm VERY conscious that we need to concentrate on the joint mission, but 
also thought it was a bit rum not to post a hello. So here it is!

Sam and MJ are walked unhurredly towards his new quarters both relaxed and 
chatty, MJ glad to have the Captain back on board, Sam just glad to be back 

"So I was trying to get these Binars to say 'Nausious Nausicans Nithering on 
Nautilus' but together, to see if one would get it wrong..."

MJ laughed as she imagined the rather wild looking man walking next to her 
trying to get binars to contradict each other.

"Then out of the blue there's this Nausican behind me saying 'Nausicans dont 
GET nausious, only feeble humans do', and you can imagine the result - which is 
how I got barred from Buffalo Jack's on Starbase 204. But I beleive that I'm 
still welcome in event horison, at least some of the time!"

Sam was at his door now. He keyed it open before throwing his small rucksack in 
the corner and keying it closed again. MJ looked a little concerned 

"Don't you want to settle in?"

He he shrugged, 

"Settling in isnt really a habbit I've been in the last couple of months, 
besides, the longer I pretend I'm not really here the later I have to go to 
engineering and find out how much work's built up since I left! Also the later 
I have to see Lt Armitage, she's going to string me up from the power 

He gave her a cheeky wink and headed off towards (ooc: You guessed it!) the 
bar, throwing over his shoulder 

"It was lovely to meet you, come down to Event Horizon when you get off duty 
for a coffee. You have to tell me about Zena and Jaav, I CANNOT beleive he 
succeeded where so many of the enseigns in the science department failed so 
many times!" Oh and I want to talk to you about the Klinzai observatory data 
but that can wait... 

Not an awful lot later.

Sam stood at the bar, Desdemona had her back to him, but he wouldnt have 
noticed, he was staring at the real, working coffee machine gleaming on the 
other side of the bar. 

"Oh my lord... Please tell me that works!"

ooc: So there ya go, play all you want!

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