[USS Vanguard] Here Kitty Kitty

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As Zena and Aliyah left the main building and went outside Aliyah suddenly 
cocked her head and had a puzzled look on her face, Zena looked over to the 
direction that had caught Aliyah's attention.

It was Shar, he was stood in a ready to pounce position side stepping from 
left to right around a big tree

"What IS he doing now?" Zena asked

"Knowing Shar something he shouldn't be!" Aliyah replied

The two watched in amusement waiting for what ever was going to happen 


Shar kept his eyes locked on the creature, waiting for it to make a move and 
commit itself to one course of action or another. Whatever it decided would 
alter his plans, since his eventual goal was to capture it. Alive. For the 
third time.

'This damned idea might have been too much of a pain in the ass..' He 
thought to himself. 'Yeah, but if its this much trouble when it likes me, 
think about what its going to do to that Andorian and his room!' He smiled 
at that, and all of a sudden, the creature made a leap for the tree. Shar, 
caught slightly off guard, was still only a few tenths of a second slower 
than he could have been, and leaped from his position and made a desperate 


"Damnit! OW! Stop... shhh....ow...shhh..." he murmured over and over, 
petting the beast, trying to calm it. The small animal struggled slightly, 
digging its claws into his forearm for a time, then resigned itself to the 
fact that, for the third time, Shar had it securely. Curling up, the Persian 
cat curled up, and waited for an opportunity to escape again. Shar turned to 
look at his audience, finding Zena and Aliyah.

"Ahh.. ladies. Enjoy the show?" he asked as he sauntered over, ignoring the 
pain in his arm.

"Shar... dare I ask WHY you have a cat, which we aren't allowed to have in 
our rooms by the way?" Zena asked. "I'm guessing its for a practical 

"What, me?! I'm shocked. Shocked and...."


"Yes, exactly. Shocked and appalled that you think I'd have ANYTHING to do 
with practical jokes!" Shar smirked a knowing smirk.

"Soo... whats it for then?" Aliyah asked. "And just how long have you been 
trying to catch it?" She asked, noticing the varaity of scratch marks on his 
face and arms.

"Ah, well.. this is the third time. Second today. She must've escaped while 
I was at the bar with everyone. You should have come Ali. Good times were 
had. Anyway, I escaped narrowly avoiding expulsion if I'd been caught, and 
made my way back here. I'd been saving this for a Klingon student, but after 
that little incident, I figured I could put it to better use with the 
Andorian who so rudely interupted our night out. I was just going to plant 
the little beast in his room, if you cared to come along.." Shar grinned 

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