[USS Vanguard] Heating the Freeze

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AFter: Freezin
Title: Heating the Freeze
Jazz was having a very good time with her new friends when she noticed Keiran 
Darkwater heading out of the messhall. She got up from the group and walked 
swiflty to intercept him. She stood infront of him, "And where do you think 
you're going?" she asked in a pleasant voice. He gave her one of those "what in 
the hell do you mean" looks. Jazz only smiled, "Look Commander," she started, 
"I know I am new around here and don't know very much about this crew and I am 
the last one to be giving advice but..." She was cut off when Keiran spoke, 
"Then don't," he told her quietly.
Jazz smiled again but continued, "You can spend some time with us because as 
far as I can see, I don't bite and neither do they," she said and pointed over 
his shoulder at Vogel, D'Angelo and Roch. (hope i didn't miss anyone Aliyah).
Jazz watched his face as he looked back at the others then at her. "Why do you 
care? I have to finish this report anyways," he told her.
"No you don't," Jazz pointed out taking the PADD out of his hands and holding 
it behind her, "I am sure the captain is in no hurry to get those. He knows 
that we are just having some time off and from what I can see you've been 
trying to get that done from before we all got here. Face it man, you need a 
He was quiet. "Besides," Jazz continued, "It's not everyday you get to just 
laze about. Get a load off, put your feet up and have a drink 
with..ah...friends!" she told him with a bright grin.
"So what do you say?" she asked.
Jazz stood there and waited for his answer. But whatever it was, she wasn't 
going to take no for an answer. This man was way too hard on himself. He needed 
to relax for once, for a change.
Lt. JG Jazz "Rixx" Falcon
uss vanguard

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