[USS Vanguard] Giving the eyes of Raven some advice

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Roch watched them together.  He was starting to feel
sick in the stomach. How could he have been so crazy.
he just let her slip away to a creep who took off and
left her. He downed the rest of the blood wine that,
he had been staying away from for the past five years
and laid his head on the counter. He closed his eyes
and everything came flooding back.

---Memory flash---
Roch: I didn't know klingons could dance like this.
She'ra: There's a lot of things that Klingons can do
that no one knows about.

She had laughed as he twirled around the dance floor
and dipped her.


Roch: I did the right thing. I did the right thing.
She wouldn't have been happy with me. I did the right

Without wanting to, he walked over to them mubmbling'
I did the right thing'

Roch: ah, Lt. can I talk to you?

Roch walked away expecting Cynan to follow him. He
stopped at a table and turned around to face Cynan.

Roch: You know how I feel about her right?
Cynan: Yes. I can tell. I want you....
Roch: You want!? I don't give a damn what you want! I
called you over here to give you some advice. I just
gave up my happiness for you. I'm normally selfish
when it comes to women like She'ra. You hurt her
again, and I swear to god, I'll be on you so fast, you
won't know what hit you!

Roch stopped long enough to see the surprised look on
Cynan's face. Then he walked away with everyone's eyes
on him. His pain hidden but his anger was out for
everyone to see. He left. He needed to find the
counselor he needed to talk.

OFF: Oh counselor.. HELP!!!!

Lt. (jg) Roch "Reaper" Chase
Intel officer
uss vanguard

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