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Joint Post  - Zena Quetan and Aliyah-Amores Lopez-Fitzgerald

The two young women sat at the back of the class and talked quietly between 
themselves, Professor Bi (pronounced like Be) was close to retirement and not 
so quick on the ball when it came to students not really paying attention, half 
the time he would forget what he was saying mid sentence and bumble his words, 
this was how he'd managed to earn himself the nickname "Bumble Bee" by the 

"Yeah so then Cynan managed to get the Andorian into a head lock so I threw the 
rest of Sam's scotch on his head and used Nick's light to ignite him took most 
of his white hair clean off! how dare he say my spots are ugly!" Zena continued 
to tell Aliyah about the brawl

Aliyah burst out laughing

"Who? What was that?!" Professor Bi asked squinting towards the back

Aliyah sunk down in her chair hiding behind the Cadet in front "Buuuuuuuzzzzz" 

"What? What's that noise?!" Professor Bi said getting flustered

"Check your hearing device Sir" Zena offered as a suggestion trying not to laugh

The bell sounded and all the Cadets quickly gathered their Padds and belongings 
up and bolted for the door

Zena and Aliyah strolled along the corridor

"I Wish I could of been there sounded like fun!" Aliyah said continuing their 
conversation from class

"Hmm well it wasn't all fun I managed to get out of their quick, I hear that 
security showed up a little later with Petty Officer Kavan and he really laid 
into everyone, and now Duffy has withdrawn Nick's entry to the VSA" Zena replied

"What but that's so unfair!...poor Nick" Aliyah said sympathetically

"I know...So anyway how did your date go last night?" Zena asked giving Aliyah 
a playful nudge

Aliyah rolled her eyes, "The guy was a complete dork!" She said frowning, "I 
cant believe I thought he was soooo cute. I mean he kept talking about his 
adventures throughout space!"

Zena grinned, "That doesn't sound so bad," she said laughing now.

"Yah try listening to a guy talk about me me me all night," Aliyah said as she 
avoided crashing into a Klingon cadet, "That's all he talked about. And he 
didn't even try to kiss me at the end of the date. I close my door in his face 
because he wanted to tell me the story of how he managed to kill three men..." 
She sighed then, "Where are the good men?" she asked in a tired voice.

Zena laughed " The sad thing is he probably didn't even notice that you'd gone 
and continued to tell your door the story!...Men!"

As Zena and Aliyah left the main building and went outside Aliyah suddenly 
cocked her head and had a puzzled look on her face, Zena looked over to the 
direction that had caught Aliyah's attention.

It was Shar, he was stood in a ready to pounce position side stepping from left 
to right around a big tree 

"What IS he doing now?" Zena asked

"Knowing Shar something he shouldn't be!" Aliyah replied

The two watched in amusement waiting for what ever was going to happen next...

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