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  • Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004 22:59:25 -0500 (EST)

OFF: This post happens before Shore leave.. Thanks
This is a joint post by
Esign Aliyah-Amores Lopez-Fitzgerald
JAG Officer
Jazz "Rixx" Falcon
Jazz picked up the grinade and stuck into the pocket on the outside of her left 
thigh. She then picked up the AKA rifle and slung it over her shoulder. She was 
wearing nothing but black. Commando style. 

As she crawled on her stomach she let her mind wander. She loved these 
simmulations. She crawled to the edge of some bushes and laid there listening. 
She stay there for a while and when she head nothing she slowly raised up. One 
hand on the inside of her thigh fingering the slender handle of her Klingon 
Defendor as the other braced her body up off the ground.

Aliyah walked hurriedly to the holodeck. She was in a good mood. She wanted to 
have some fun before doing anything else. She hummed to herself as she looked 
up to see that a program was running. It wasn?t private so she stepped in. As 
soon as she did that, something came flying out of the darkness at her head. 
Ducking she waited until it thud into a tree behind her.

"Computer freeze program," Jazz called and stepped out of the bushes, "That 
wasn?t very smart. I could have taken off your head."

She walked over to where Aliyah stood and yanked the blade out of the tree then 
sheathed it, "What?s up?"

Aliyah watched the woman. So care free so happy. She had to smile, "Nothing 
much..Wanted to talk to someone and I cant seem to find out counselor. Besides 
I need the opnion of another woman," Aliyah told her.

Jazz arched a brow at the JAG officer and grinned lightly, "Talk?" she asked, 
"Ok," she said while sitting down on the ground, "What?s up?"

Aliyah sat down next to Jazz. She had come to trust the slender woman. And 
besides, Aliyah?s betazoid senses told her Jazz could be trusted, "I think I 
like this person but I don?t know if its real."

Jazz?s eyes sprang wide open, "REALLY!?" she almost yelled excitedly. Clapping 
her hands together she leaned in closer to Aliyah, "Who who?" she asked happily.

"Cant say," Aliyah said simply, "But what do I do?" she asked as she scooted 
closer to Jazz.

Jazz thought about it for a while then smiled brightly, "Tell him," she said in 
a sing songed voice, "That?s the easiest way to go and that way you keep your 

Aliyah moaned and buried her face in her hands, "tell me you?re joking!" she 

Jazz rested a hand on her friend?s back, "Wish I were," she told her 
truthfully, "but no one said the that the road to true love was easy."

Aliyah raised her head, "Is it the road to true happiness isnt easy?" she asked 

"Whatever," Jazz told her, "It works for both."

Both women laughed and Jazz stood up and extended her hand to Aliyah, "you 
gonna take my advice?"

Aliyah took the hand and pulled her body up. She wrinkled her forehead 
thinking, "Nah," she said, "I am way to scared to do that. Maybe I will go see 
E?thexx after all." She giggled.

"I am hurt!" Jazz feigned hurt, "you wound me lady!" she pressed the back of 
her hand to her forehead and pretended to swoon.

Aliyah only jabbed her playfully in the ribs and left the holodeck with a 
certain person on her mind.

Jazz smiled as she watched Aliyah leave. She then went back to her commando 


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