[USS Vanguard] Ghosts

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Lt. Cynan Mandrake.
Location: Earth; San Francisco, 1990.

Subject: Ghosts.

[Earth; San Francisco, 1990]
  When the morning sun rose and shown its beautiful rays of light
  through the trees onto the ground, Cynan had already made a his
  move. He'd covered up the fire as best he could and removed his 
  tracks all but for one marking, the making of his people and an 
  arrow pointing to the city.

  He still hadn't seen any sign of the others and if he hadn't seen 
  what the transport site had looked like from the view screen on the 
  ship, he'd think he was in the wrong place. However, he could still 
  have been in the wrong time. That, is why he decided to make 

  Once at the city he began to scope out the many civilians that 
  walked the streets, looking for the most suitable to approach and 
  ask his somewhat strange question - at least it was to them.

  Cynan: "Excuse me sir, I was wondering if you could tell me what 
          day it is?"

  Street Urchin: "huh?"

  Cynan: "What day is it? The date..."

  Street Urchin: "Thursday...uh...May twelfth."

  Mandrake, getting a little frustrated grabbed hold of the teen's 
  shirt and used a firmer tone.

  Cynan: "What year!?"

  Street Urchin: "You're crazy man, you're crazy."

  The urchin a little scared pushed himself away and ran off.

  With a sigh he shook his head and smiled to himself thinking how 
  this must have looked. He stiffened and stood up casing the 
  passers-by checking to see if anyone was noticing. There was no 
  one. He wiped his head and walked on.

  It was nearly noon and Cynan was getting hungry. In this century 
  Earth still used currency - something that the I'm-so-brilliant Ms. 
  Merchant had neglected to provide. Luckily there were such shops
  that gave money in return for your possessions. Going into such a 
  shop Mandrake easily gained a lump sum of what they called,
  dollars, by trading in one of his pips.

  Next stop, something to eat.


  When dawn broke, the others were heading into the city as well when 
  they came across a marking on the ground...

  She'Ra: "It's Cynan! He's been here!"

  Highwaij: "How can you be so sure?"

  She'Ra: "Thats his mark!"

  E'Thexx: "Looks like he's headed into the city too."

  Kieren: "And left something for the locals to make stories 

  Highwaij: "Agreed. We'll have to cover this up."

  An hour of combing the streets covertly, they had over heard a 
  strange kid trying to convince a law enforcement officer of a
  strangely black dressed man asking him questions, and had found the
  pip in the pawn shop. Highwaij was in command and was reluctant to 
  deactivate the cloaks, but they were hungry too and it did seem 
  like a good idea at the time.

  He pawned a pip of his own, giving the store owner an even more
  unusual scenario to puzzle over, and giving Highwaij and the group
  the money they needed to eat at the diner across the way.

  E'Thexx reached for the door and pushed it open.

  E'Thexx: "Whoa that was strange."

  She'Ra: "What was?"

  E'Thexx: "The door... it opened rather easily. It was quite eerie."

  Des: "Hmm. I had that last night."

  They proceeded on in.


  Having just eaten, Mandrake pulled open the door to the diner to 
  head out. It opened rarely too easily, almost like somehow from the 
  other side had pushed it open at the same time. However there was 
  no one there. "Weird" he thought, and headed off for the nearest 
  library to research current events. If there was anyway to find out 
  what started the last great war of this planet, then the clues 
  would be in clippings from the press and the files in the near-by 
  military installations, which would be his next point of call.


  Highwaij: "Okay. Desdemona, Jaav and Kieran, check out the 
  universities as planed whilst She'Ra and I get into the near-by 
  base. Exercise caution and where possible, stay out of sight. 
  Rendezvous back at the diner in 5 hours."

  They all nodded in agreement and got to work.


  Breaking into the military installation didn't prove to be that 
  difficult. The stealth-suits had long since been refined since 
  there earlier, more bulkier incarnations, and were now almost apart 
  of the standard OPs uniform and a lot easier to use. With them as 
  an ally it was easy sneaking in - the only 'sensing' that could 
  have given them away were the eyes and ears of the officers 

  Both Kahn and Highwaij had arrived and had made there way into the 
  main volt where the plans of all present and future projects were 
  held. They were just about to take a look-see, when as if by magic,
  an old friend appeared.

  "Cynan!", She'Ra exclaimed as a ghostly image of Mandrake appeared 
  before her.

  Highwaij looked up to see the same, immediately pulling out his 
  tri-quarter to take some readings. Mandrake stood there just as   
  She'Ra and looked on, for She'Ra and Highwaij looked ghost-like to 
  him too.

  Whilst Highwaij continued his scans, the two tried speaking to each 
  other, but neither could hear the other.

  "Aha! Something must have gone wrong with the transport. He's just 
  slightly out of phase! and the radiation from the bases reactor is 
  somehow illuminating each of us to the other!", Highwaij said.

  Mandrake watched Highwaij's lips closely, making out the words that 
  he'd just said. Thinking fast on his feet he realised that parts of 
  the neutrino communicator could be inter-mixed with the standard 
  one to compensate for the phase variant and allow them to speak, 
  and sure enough, a few moments later and they were back in 


  "What's that?" Highwaij said and a noise sounded from outside of 
  the volt.

  Cynan: "We must have been detected, or it's a routine check. Fall 
  out. We've learned all we can here. We'll check out the other base 
  and get the parts we need to repair the neutrino communicator from 
  the communications relay tomorrow."

  "Aye, aye."

  They filed out and headed back to the rendezvous to meet up with 
  Des, Kieren and Jaav.


  At the diner it was a little strange. For instance, there strange 
  appearance and attitude ('Everything's cool') had spooked out the 
  other occupants, including a small child. They even heard talk 
  about these strangers being in town frightening young kids, and 
  tales of strange symbols being found up in the hills. The MiB was 
  becoming more reality now then fiction with these people then it 
  had ever been.

  That very same child then threw an apple toward the six as they 
  were just leaving through the door. The apple though, had stopped 
  in mid-aid and then had a chunk seemingly bitten out of it. A very 
  weird sight for the group to see.

  Mandrake had instantly looked around and caught it in firmly in his 
  hand, and with no radiation here to 'illuminate' his essence, he 
  was totally invisible to them. This though, they were starting to 
  get used too. After all, they had all just witnessed the very same 
  thing whilst eating dinner!

  She'Ra: "=^= How'd you know about that apple? =^="

  Cynan: "=^= Well you know, the slight change in they air, the sound 
  of the particles being pushed aside so fast... I'm sure Kieren 
  could fill you in. =^="

  She'Ra: "=^= Er... =^="

  Kieran smiled to himself as he walked behind them.

  Cynan: "=^= That and the fact I noticed him in the mirror that ran   
  along the bar. =^=" he said beginning to grin, though no one else 
  could see.

  Kieran and the others started to laugh.

  She'Ra: "Ha, ha, ha."

  Putting on the shades he acquired from the teen earlier, Mandrake 
  turned and gave a look back at the diner. "We'll be back." he mono-
  toned, and walked on.

  OoC: Go guys! Can't wait to see what you come up with to further 
       the mission.

[To Be Continued...]

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