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Lt.Sam McCaw
Sams Quarters
After "Best Seller"

ooc: Thought I'd get back in the saddle with a shorty,
bit limp I think but I'll do better next time. :) alec

     Qbed's book lay untouched on Sam's cofee table.
Sitting in a hammock chair on the other side of the
room with a giant mug of coffee in his hands, Sam
looked at it like a dangerous animal. Qbed had given
Sam instructions not to read past chapter 21 which
ended apparently as she gave himthe copy of the book
now sat in front of him. Sam being used to reading
stellar maps and technichal manuals found the prospect
of reading about Qbed and quite possibly himself
rather daunting. Courage however was not something Sam
was short of.


     The next morning Sam handed Qbed back her book on
the way to his duty shift, arranging to meet her for a
drink later. As he stepped onto the bridge he passed
Zena Quetan a PADD. "This is  an article I wrote on
some of the unusual nebula groupings recorded in the
Klinzai observatory data. I've forwarded it to the
Journal of Contempory Astrometrics but I thought you'd
like a copy for the Science files if they don't
publish it." Zena took the PADD with a puzzled smile
"Where did this come from?" Sam looked shifty and
muttered "Procrastination..." then wanered off
stifling a giant yawn.  

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