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THE EXPLORER - December 2002 & January 2003



AOL Users/Online Version:


Editor's Notes


Wow! That is really weird to write, you know... 2003! Yes, it is so, it
is time for January & February's edition of The Explorer! What a fun
filled action packed one with have for you this edition... sort of.
This edition will be shorter than the others due to lack of commitment
on peoples parts... Only joking, however, this is the newsletter that
makes you shine to everyone in Gamma Fleet, so why not add to it!


Anyway, with the grovelling now over, we move on. As Carlos said last
time, Gamma Fleet celebrates its fifth year in the Star Trek RPG world,
and everyone, past and present is to be thanked for that. On that note,
I would like to announce the hopeful opening of the Gamma Fleet Hall Of
Fame for past members. Maybe there was a colleague you served with who
made a difference on board a ship? Maybe you want to say thank you to
your CO and recommend them? Maybe even Carlos will get a couple of
recommendations... and maybe not. Who knows? Only you do. So get
sending in your Hall Of Famers, and who knows, they may be seen there.


A few changes for this issue, don't worry though, we still have:


?         Sim Focus

?         CnC Report

?         Omega Directive

?         Humour


On that note, I?ll pass over to the CIA for our Sim Focus this issue


Martin Burton

Editor In Chief - The Explorer

Gamma Fleet IRC Senior Administrator


Email: kyuzo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



Sim Focus - CIA


Star Trek: CIA, the newest addition to the Gamma Fleet family. I am the
Deputy Director, Ben Artec, and I thank you for taking the time to
publish this, Martin, and I thank everyone who is reading this as well.


The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is the first and foremost line of
defence. We aim to stop wars before they happen and stop ?Section 31?
from its Federation help. You may ask, what is the point of a sim like
this? Well, in my opinion, and I think I speak for everyone at the CIA,
the reason for this is the same reason as any other sim in GF, to have
fun, but while having fun, we aren?t limited to the confines of one
ship/starbase. The CIA is a whole new breed of sim to Gamma Fleet. Its
missions are different, its characters are different and the people who
play those characters shine in a different way. 


Our first mission was simple. Settle in. I must admit, going from
script writing to novel was difficult for me, but I managed in the end.
After a fight, and a dinner, hosted by myself, it was time to get down
to work. Our first assignment came from the CnC of Sierra Fleet (a
sister fleet of our own). The Fleet Admiral, Zane Wilcox, paid myself
and the director, Fleet Captain Steve Maxwell, a little visit asking us
to figure out how and why one of their ships, the experimental Omega
Class USS Hornet, had gone missing while on it shakedown cruise. While
we are still in the middle of this mission, I can tell you that the
Fleet Admiral is not happy that his newest addition has gone missing.
Joining us for this mission is Vice Admiral Xavian, and so far, I have
heard good things from her about this sim.


I could go on forever about the CIA and the people involved, however I
don't have forever and Martin did say it had to be kind of brief. So, I
leave you there. Please, stop by and keep looking at the mission logs
as they are always being updated. 


Until next time,


Commander Ben Artec

Deputy Director - CIA


Email: sierrafleet@xxxxxxxxxxx



CnC Report


Traditionally, the leaders of most places come out of the woodwork at
this time of year, and give a large speech about how it's been a
wonderful year, and the many things that have been accomplished. 

I'd hate to break with tradition, so I'll carry on. 

2002 has certainly been an interesting year for the fleet and myself.
Having taken up the job of Commander - in - Chief merely a little over
a year ago, I now feel reasonably comfortable in the position, and I
look forward to my second year. 

When I took up the job, I had many grand "visions" and "aims." It's
fairly safe to say that achieving them isn't as easy as it appears.
Some of them have come and gone as I've realised what can and can't be
done, but I do remain hopeful. 

"Communication" - Restarting the newsletter certainly came as one of my
priorities, and my many thanks go to Martin Burton for having made this
possible. Hopefully, we no longer seem to be a "non existent" fleet,
but rather, the group of strange but dedicated group we are. 

We are also beginning to rebuild our fleet services. NRPG wise, Martin
has also taken on the reigns of "Director of Fleet Operations" and will
be responsible for the new departments that are being created, many of
which we already have directors for. 

In these, we envisage somewhere for all of us to go to, relevant to the
departments our characters serve in on their simulations, and receive
the advice and help of others when we need it, or perhaps just trying
to find that crucial piece of jargon to make a post sound just that
little bit better. We are still looking for more directors of
departments to make this happen. If you have a speciality in any of the
areas of which we're looking for help in, then please don't hesitate to
contact Captain Gary Norton (Martin Burton) martinburton05@xxxxxxx or
myself (gammafleet@xxxxxxxxxxx). 

We will also, in the near future, hopefully be welcoming new
simulations into the fleet, so keep an eye out on those, as the fleet
continues to grow. 

Next year, and the fleets next milestone, Gamma Fleet will have reached
the grand old age of five. In the ever changing world of the internet,
that's quite an achievement, and while I generally avoid 'pride', it is
something I enjoy being associated with. 

Not being a hugely festive person myself, I ask you to forget the
advertising, forget the messages, forget the overtones, forget the need
to buy things that people never really want, and to sit back, relax and
enjoy, as we carry on into the new year. 

(If you have any ideas for the fleet, or would like to discuss anything
at all, feel free to e-mail me, or to contact me through any of the
instant messenger services listed below.) 

Yours sincerely, 

Fleet Admiral Emilio Diaz
Commander - in - Chief
Gamma Fleet


E-Mail: gammafleet@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
ICQ: 52559748
Y!M: dr_furious_uk
MSN: dr_furious_uk@xxxxxxxxxxx
AOL: drfurious2001 

[Please Note: All are to be on high alert for speeding men wearing red,
with white beards. If you do see such a sight, we recommend you retreat
to your conveniently located bunker immediately whilst the proper
authorities deal with this matter. 

If you should also see white "stuff" falling from the sky, this is
undoubtedly the first sign of an alien invasion. We advocate immediate




* Omega Directive *


Message from Russ Teicheira - FAO: All personnel


If you don't know who I am, I am Russ Teicheira, and I play Fleet
Captain Steven Maxwell, Director for the ST: CIA sim. I am here today
asking for recruits to head up some departments here in Gamma Fleet.
The following departments I am recruiting for are:

Covert OPS (!!!!NEW!!!!)

If you would like to head up one of these departments, please email me
at stcia@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with a subject line of Department Head for
Gamma Fleet.

If you have a high ranking character in one of these departments, and
you think you are up to it, you can use that character if you want to.


Intrepid Destruction!


On a different note, I am sorry to say that the USS Intrepid (see last
edition) has been destroyed in the line of duty. However, I have been
told that a new one, the Ares Class USS Intrepid NCC 74655 B, is in the
pipeline. To view the Ares Class, please visit:
http://www.ussmiranda.com/ships/ares.htm I think you will all agree
that this new addition to the fleet will be worth it.


Gamma Fleet IRC


IRC is becoming more and more popular, so why not get your foot in the
door, and sign up for one of the Gamma Fleet IRC Training Simulators.
You will learn things from IRC simming styles, to basic IRC commands,
like how to register nicknames, change your nickname, and even how to
kick/ban people off the room, ideal for those who you don't like... ;)


To sign up for this unique training, please contact the GF IRC Admin
team (kyuzo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx), along with your name, and available times
for training (preferably in GMT), and start making the breakthrough you
need into the IRC Simming world (plus you get a nice certificate at the
end of it all!)




These items were sent in by Commander Dorn, Diplomatic Officer, Gamma
Fleet Command

Star Fleet Gossip Column

Rumour has it, that a certain Blue Skinned Captain is attempting to
murder his entire Senior Staff by way of a "Wilderness Team Building
Exercise". So far the Counsellor has nearly had a nervous breakdown;
and there is talk of mutiny.

In other News, a certain well known Chief Engineer has procured and
secretly imported alien technology into a Federation Vessel unbeknownst
to everyone.. (how this information fell into my hands, I can not say
for fear of retaliation against my
sneaky underhanded informer.)

Meanwhile aboard another nameless starship, my sources have informed me
that a certain blonde ensign has all the male officers drooling and
fighting amongst themselves for the opportunity to lay claim to this
fair beauty, who she will pick is anyone's guess.


Star Fleet Recipe Section

Paris and Torres Wedding Punch

Yield: 46 servings
3 3 oz pkg cherry gelatin
9 c Boiling water
4 c Sugar
4 c Water
2 46 oz can pineapple juice
6 oz Frozen OJ
4 T Lemon juice
2 l Bottle ginger ale

Dissolve the gelatin in the boiling water in a large saucepan. In a
separate saucepan boil together the sugar and 4 cups water. Add the
pineapple juice, orange juice and lemon juice. Cool. Combine the
gelatine and juice mixtures. Pour into plastic containers and freeze.
Set out about 3 hours before serving. Add the ginger ale just before
serving. The punch will be slushy.

... More recipes next time!!

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