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Lt. Jaav E'thexx
Ship's Counselor
Location: Counselor's Suite
Time: 'A day in the sun'

Jaav shifted in his chair as he tapped through the images on the screen
in front of him. It was an uncomfortable experience, one he had hoped
to avoid, but it was Zena who had stressed to him the importance of
re-exposure to emotional stimuli once the Symbiont had been joined. It
was a peculiar sensation of contrasting feelings.

Concentrating intensely on the image of his mother on the screen, Jaav
realised that the responses inside his head were competing for
dominance. On the one hand his own reaction of warmth was as present as
it ever was, the other was a neutral clinical response, the sort of
response someone might have to a complete stranger.

The door chimed, Jaav shut off the viewer, stood up and straightened
his uniform.

E'thexx: Come?

Jaav scanned his office quickly, making sure nothing was out of place
or untidy, then frowned as he realised that still, no-one had entered.

E'thexx: Come?

Nothing, no-one entered.

Jaav walked to the door and stepped outside as it slid apart, he
glanced down the corridor to the left then to the right, there were one
or two crew members on the deck and the thought did cross the
Counselor's mind that perhaps he'd been the subject of a childish
He lingered for a second or two, waiting to see if anybody might
present themselves, then went inside and activated the wall terminal.

E'thexx: Computer, access USS Vanguard Security and Personnel Tracking
logs for this deck.

It seemed a little extreme, but he had no clients to see and felt like
passing a bit of time.

E'thexx: Display the last five activations of this room's door

The last five names blinked intermittently, the data entry imediately
prior to his own read "Chase, Lt.jg Roch", Jaav recognised the name as
one of the new crew members which recently transferred aboard the

'Maybe he was lost', Jaav thought to himself, making a mental note to
have a talk with the lieutenant next time he bumped into him, just to
make sure there wasn't a problem.

END OOC: Missed your tag Mack, sorry! Maybe I'll catch Roch while he's swimming!

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