[USS Vanguard] Fwd: From Gamma Fleet - Director of Fleet Operations

  • From: "Andy W. Ho" <andywoho@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: USS-Vanguard <ncv80221@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 2 Jan 2003 14:41:47 -0800 (PST)

Ladies, Gentlemen and all transgendered species,

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Captain Gary Norton, and I am
the new Director of Fleet Operations. You may ask... "What the heck
does that mean?" Well, in my opinion, it means I work closely with you,
yes, you the players. Now, you may say that that statement is a little
strange, which in its entirity it is. How can one person work with over
100 people? Its impossible. Well, not the way that I will be running
the show it wont be.

It is my aim, over the coming months to subscribe each and every person
to a department mailing list. Ranging from Command right down across
the spectrum to NCO/Warrant officers. I would say NPC's, but thats a
bit silly because NPC's dont play on the ship, well they do but they
dont if you get my drift

Anyway, once that is completed, I will start giving out awards to
certain members of a specific department. Now, these awards will be
recognised in most sim groups as achievement awards. These sim groups
so far include FaSG, SFSOC and Sierra Fleet. I am in the process of
negotiating with others including Bravo Fleet and Tango Fleet. These
awards will also help you attain higher ranks in the above sim groups
if you decide to join them, so get joining these departments!

We will also be having an official Awards Ceremony, taking place on
IRC. This award ceremony will be special. It will focus on members of
the group who have achieved major things over the year, including Best
Newcomer, Gamma Fleet Award Of Distinction, Best Poster Award, and The
Wooden Spoon Award, for craziest person, both in and out of character
::Looks at FAdm Diaz and winks::. More awards will be announced as time

However, to make all this work, we need your help. We need Department
Heads for the Following:

- Medical
- Science
- Flight Control (was helm)
- Security/Tactical

Even if you cant fill in the Directors positions, at least help us make
the departments whole by subscribing yourself to the mailing lists that
we will provide for you. More information on that is to follow soon!

Anyway, enough begging from me. My email address is enclosed if you
wish to contact me in regards to anything 

Kindest regards,

Captain Gary Norton
Director Of Fleet Operations
Gamma Fleet Command
email: martinburton05@xxxxxxx

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