[USS Vanguard] Fw: [gf_co] Fleet Wide Joint Mission - Proposal

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I'm forwarding the following from the Gamma Fleet Cmdr.

[For our new players: Gamma Fleet is the fleet association to which Vanguard 
belongs. We haven't taken part in any activities with them recently--there have 
been some structural changes to Gamma Fleet and (Alexa, help me here) I THINK 
they haven't run a fleet-wide mission or conducted any fleet-wide activities in 
a while.]

I'm intrigued by the idea, but I'd like more explanation as to what's expected 
of the Vanguard, a view I'm going to express to the CO in my response.

Any thoughts?

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>Subject: [gf_co] Fleet Wide Joint Mission - Proposal
>Hey all,
>Please find enclosed the proposal for a FW Mission.
>The mission will start on November 1st, and is
>optional. Any ship which does not wish to participate,
>please say so now. I will be composing a final draft
>with in the next seven days, and would be appreciative
>if CO's could let me know by then if they wish not to
>join in. It will not be held against you. Its just an
>idea for a bit of fun.
>Martin Burton
>Senior Game Manager
>Gamma Fleet STRPG
>The FBI gets wind of a conspiracy of mass proportions.
>The same species that infiltrated Star Fleet Command
>15 years ago have returned to do the same. The only
>evidence they have so far is a starship which has
>disappeared and two which have mysteriously blown up.
>Fleet Admiral Tomlson and Vice Admiral Soltrick have a
>meeting with Director Ryan. Realising the threat is
>real, the senior officers initiate protocal Emergency
>One. Recalling all starships under their direct
>command, they brief the Commanding Officers.
>The Devestator, Intrepid and Pursuit leave Starbase
>Gamma, in order to find the aliens homeworld. They
>pick up a distress call from the USS Falcon, who are
>under attack from an unknown ship...
>The Indie and Sky Dancer leave Starbase Gamma to pick
>up Striker, but as they do, the USS Amazon enters
>sensor range, and begins firing on the two ships...
>The Vanguard initiates its Temporal Drive and travels
>into the future, seeing the destruction that will
>incur if Gamma Fleet don't stop these alien creatures.
>They return with some very disturbing news...
>Fleet Admiral Tomlson and Vice Admiral Soltrick board
>the USS Grenwich, a newly commisioned Steamrunner
>class and set course for Earth, joining the USS
>Challenger and Menelaus on route. They arrive without
>incident, but when they get there its a different
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