[USS Vanguard] Futures Glimpse.

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Location: The Star Eagle.
Subject: Futures Glimpse.
Time: 10 Years into the Future.

[The Star Eagle]
  It was just another typical day for The Star Eagle and her crew. A
  from her photon cannons and a pirate ship was destroyed, followed by a

  'woohoooo' that echoed throughout the belly of the ship as she flew
   straight through the explosion and wreckage.

  She was a fine ship, and it was a fine hand at poker that had won her.
  already had a fine compliment of weaponry and manoeuvrability but with
  new Captains additions, she made the perfect scavenger. With an auto 
  modulated high capacity shield system, four Class I rapid fire phaser
  pulse cannons, two pulse fire quantum torpedo bays and a cloak all 
  surrounded in a heavy duranim and tritanium composite hull with
  armour, she was basically a stripped down Defiant class war bird and
  the end of the day, his baby.

  OoC: Looks wise, think of The Mouldy Crow from Jedi Knight. The ship 
       Kyle Katarn piloted, but of' course with some gun attachments
       the engine mounts etc. Use your imaginations :)

  That said, so was Aeryn... of sorts. The ships co-pilot was a dark
  blue eyed beauty that matched his ambitions almost to a T. She was
  and beautiful, loving life and the dangers that went with it with
  breath of air that had the privilege to grace her lips. A doll though,

  she was not. Look at her wrongly or say something that you shouldn't
  you'd soon feel her objections before you'd even finished your

  The Captain himself was a flyboy, a cowboy of the stars and was still
  much the child at heart. He'd seen many things in his life so far.
  been in and too, many places - once he was even in Starfleet, though
  never have guessed it from studying his methods. Methods in fact that 
  eventually led to his discharge. For his reports were always too
  He'd left to many holes. Too many questions that went unanswered.

  However he was still held in high regard with some of the higher 
  ranking Starfleet officials and occasionally, just occasionally, when
  job was too sticky for them to get involved in, his name would somehow

  always come up.

  "Cynan, we'll be at the rendezvous point in two hours."

  "O'kay babe. Wake me up when we get there will you?"

  "Heeh. You know one of these days I'm going to bust your balls for
   me that."

  "Ah Aeryn, you know you love it."

  "One of these days Cynan, one of these days", she mumbled quietly
  her breath. "One of THESE days...".

[To Be Continued...]

OoC: Andy. Erm, whats happening in the present? So far it sounded like
     is in some sort of coma and is dreaming his future. Whats the rest
     our excuses?

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