[USS Vanguard] Food fight?!

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<after Kieran's post>

Xristha spoke up before Zena could answer, "I believe it is important that 
he stay."

Zena turned to the doctor, "On what do you base your suggestion?"

The doctor continued, "I felt some strange thoughts from Katriua." She tried 
to elaborate, "I believe she is hiding something and is very perturbed by 
our presense."

<wanna add if he is staying?>


The door chimed and Katriua entered. Zena stepped foward. "The banquet is 
ready and Miliran is waiting." She smiled, falsely Xristha noted.

The crew of the Vanguard followed their host thought the hollow corridors of 
the estate, entering two enormous oaken doors.

Inside Xristha noticed a lavish banquet with elegantly dressed women in pale 
colored tunics. Each woman was seated at a large wooden table with detailed 
carving that matched the doors and pillars. There were only 2 men and they 
were clearly servants.

The woman seated in the middle of the table at an exaggerated chair offered 
seats to the woman, "Your man may sit at the end of the table."

Zena was not sure if she wanted to fight the idea that he was to be 
respected as one of the crew. She decided against it.

Xristha was busy concentrating on the matriarch. She appeared to have a 
serene mind, but was hiding something. She tried to probe further, but with 
failing attempts she believed that some type of psychic dampening field was 
being used.

She sat next to Zena who sat across from the leader. Miliran lifted a glass 
of wine in toast.


Short, but wanted to get one in.

Xristha Droin

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