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  • Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2006 18:49:21 -0400

      He'd watched from the rear doorway in the alley, hidden by shadows and
confident that he couldn't be seen by either party involved. He was
impressed by how quickly and calmly the 'Englishman' had taken down his
opponent. He moved with a grace and confidence that reminded Shar of.
himself. Not in looks, but there was something about the Brit that he sensed
was more like him than he knew.

      'Could he be like me? Another freak of nature? Lucky guy, if he is. At
least he looks normal.' Shar thought. He'd been visited by an Agent like
this only once before, and had managed to avoid capture. He'd thought it was
just a one time thing, caused by his deformities, but what if there was more
too it than that?


      Snapping out of his thoughts, he realized that the Brit had taken off
quickly, probably a sign he knew that more of those hunting him were on the
way. Moving out of his doorway, Shar made his way over to the downed agent
and quickly tossed the unresponsive man. Wallet, keys, shotgun, small pistol
on the left ankle. The shotgun wouldn't do him much good. Too large and
noticeable. If these people were after the Brit, they probably wouldn't make
too much of a distinction between one pointy eared individual and another.
Taking the pistol and other items from the agent, Shar moved off in the
direction of his quarry. Maybe the Brit knew more about what he was than
Shar did. Either way, Shar felt he had to make contact. For the first time
in years, he felt like somebody out there might be able to answer his
questions about who he was and why he looked so different.


Angus Morrison/Shar

U.S.S. Vanguard


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