[USS Vanguard] Feelings

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> Lt. Highwaij
> Location: USS Vanguard, Event Horizon
> After: A lot of posts

As Highwaij entered thel ounge he stopped as he saw Qbed, Desmona and Santos
talking, there was something at the way they tlaked and their body languages
that made Highwaij stop for a second, the he walked to them. As Qbed and Des
started to fight  he looked at Santos
"Shouldn't we do something?"

Santos shook his head. "I'm open to suggestion, Mr Highwaij."

"I'm going to get Security," Highwaij said, running out of the Event
Horizon.Highwaij new this could be turning into a serious problem.

As he came back later with their new Jag Officer and a few security officers
he saw that everything had turned back to normal and they where allready
tlaking again, only the lounge looked like a bunch of Klingons had been
celebrathing in here.

Highwaij sat down with Des and Qbed, as Santos wlaked to the new JAG officer
and tlaked to her.

A few moments later She'ra entered the lounge she looked around and then
walked to them as she sat down
"I am here to say good bye".she said

"What do you mean good bye? I didn't hear anything about you
leaving"Desdemona said surprised

" No one told me you were leaving..."Highwaij said even more surprised as he
looked at her

"You'll be in capable hands. I'm sure of it". She'ra sais as she  winked at
Highwaij and gave Desdemona a hug. She then blew Qbed a kiss and left. .

A few moments later Highwaij wlaked out of the lounge and slowly walked to
the shuttlebay. from there he saw She'ra enter a shuttle, a few minuts later
the shuttle started it's engines and it took of, Highwaij kept looking at it
without saying a word, untill the shuttle was out of sight. "Good luck
She'ra, I hope our pads cross again" he said then he turned around and
headed towards the bridge for his shift.

After his shift was over he quickly got to his room and changed his clothes,
thne headed to the lounge again, where a party was allready going on.
Highwaij entered the bar he smilled, as he saw the happines of the faces of
most people. He walked to the bar and looked at Desmona
"An Aldebaran whiskey, please Desmona"Highwaij said

Desmona picked a bottle with a green colred liquid in it and poord iti nto a
glass "Thanks" Highwaij "Any news"he asked her

"Nothing you need to know" Des replayed as the put the bottle away, then
Highwaij picked up his glass and walked to a group of people whom where
talking to each other.

Lt. Highwaij
Communications Officer
USS Vanguard

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