[USS Vanguard] Feeling Froggy

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  • Date: Wed, 14 May 2003 09:47:05 -0400

From Christopher Jackson

Soman Drath, X.O.
U.S.S. Tomonaga
Following ?Deadlock?

Soman watched as the Captain and Zena were transported away.  Looking over the 
crew, he could see a small amount of relief in their expressions.  

"We've fulfilled our end of the...arrangment," The Vulcan Female 
began again, "...and it appears that YOU are no longer the one's 
in control," she said, smirking as she pointed at the sole Desdemona 
who sat in the corner, drained.  "I'm am L'Vor," she announced as 
she began to circle the Vanguard officers "You will start by telling 
me who YOU are and WHAT you are doing on our vessel..."

End snip

Soman: As to who we are, we?re from the U.S.S. Vanguard up until 9 days ago, 
this vessel didn?t belong to anyone.  We were sent to investigate.  What are 
YOU doing on it?

L?Vor: I think I?ve told you already advantages you might have had are now 
gone.  That includes the ability to ask questions..

One of the surly humans that had accompanied the Vulcan female stepped forward.

Human: Does it even matter who they are?  Why don?t we just take care of them 
like the rest. . .

L?Vor motioned him to silence with a wave of her hand.  He, just a quickly 
stepped back, keeping his  newly reacquired weapon trained on the Vanguard crew.

L?Vol: the question is, am I going to have any trouble out of you while I 
escort you to the brig or not?  I wouldn?t want to have to see your ?inner 

As she said the word, she pressed her phaser up to Mandrakes jaw.  Cynan?s ever 
deepening scowl seemed to have no effect on the patented Vulcan poker face.

Soman: Alright!, you?ll get no resistance from us. ANY of us.

Soman gave a warning eye to Mandrake to bring it down a notch.  There was a 
time for action and a time to play it cool.  Right now, the crew needed to 
reassess their situation .

L?Vol: That?s good to hear.  In that case, if you?ll follow Mr. Burrell, we?ll 
be on our way.

Chase retrieved an exhasusted  Des from the corner and the crew proceeded with 
their escorts.  E?thexx maneuvered to and whispered to Soman as the crew moved 
down the corridor, away from engineering.  There were no signs of the fight 
Zena and her people had.   In fact,  the Tomonaga looked in very good 
condition, better than it would in mothballs. Burrell and L?Vol  were up front, 
while two others kept their  phasers trained on the crew from behind.

E?thexx: apart form ourselves, I?m only sensing 26 other lifeforms on this 
entire ship.

Soman: What? A ship this size requires of crew of at least 100.  

Soman mulled over what the counselor had told him.  Whoever these people were, 
they couldn?t be the crew of the Tomonaga.  This group had a 3 to 1 over the 
Vanguard crew.  ?we?ve had worse odds,? Soman thought.

L?Vol: Be silent.  You wouldn?t want to make us nervous, now would you?

Soman felt a gentle hand run across his temple.  

Xristha:  You?re still bleeding from that hit, you know.

Soman: I?m alright.  I need you to be prepared.

Xristha: for what?

The answer to her question came as she asked it.  She smirked inwardly as 
Soman?s intentions became clear.  As best she could, Xristha communicated these 
intentions to the rest of the crew.  Pivoting on her right foot, she prepared 
her stance.

Soman: Mr. Mandrake, feeling froggy?

The statement went virtually un-noticed by their guards but Cynan?s fire 
immediately flared and he lunged forward into L?Vol and Burrell, knocking their 
phasers away.  At the same time, Highwaij spun on his heel and planted a knee 
into the gut of one of the following guards.  The last guard, as he took aim, 
found himself tackled to the floor.  Soman drove three punches across his face. 
 The third rendered him unconscious.  Mandrake, now recovered squared off 
against Burrell, a strong but chunky fellow, who seemed to absorb Cynan?s 
punches.  L?Vol in the meantime scrambled for her phaser.  Aliyah and Xristha 
were immediately on top of her.  Unfortunately, the tell tail sound of a 
communicator was heard.

D?Angelo: Grab the Phasers!

Scooping up their confiscated weapons, Denville handed one to each of his 

E?thexx: GET DOWN!!  Fitzgerald and Droin immediately lowered their heads and 
Jaav fired his phaser down the corridor.  The beam passed through the parting 
doors of the turbolift, striking two of its three occupants, center mass.  The 
third found herself behind inadvertent cover as the doors closed again.  

Soman: Good work people.  Get them up.  Time is of the essence, now.  We?ve got 
to get to the bridge.

Conner: Might I suggest a two pronged assault.  They?ll be expecting us through 
the turbolifts.  We could use the Jeffries tubes and transporters.

L?Vol struggled against Vogel?s vice like grip.

L?Vol: Give it up, Commander.  This is not logical.  You?re people are 
outnumbered, onboard a ship you barely have a chance of operating.  

Soman: We enjoy a challenge.   Conner, D?Angelo, Jazz, Highwaij take the 
transporters.    The rest of you follow me.  Roch, I want you to hang back and 
look after Des.  Let?s go.

Kirk: Spock, where the hell is that power you promised me?
Spock: One damn minute Admiral.

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