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Lt. Highwaij
USS Vanguard - Engineering
Following "It never rains but it pours / A Silloquy"

Highwaij looked at the closed doors at engineering, the doors to the
mainengineering room where closed
"Hold on everyone, let's look back at what happened"

"We saw things, then they disappeared" Falcon replayed as they looked at
each other

"Correct" Zena said

Aliyah looked around as she was afraid of anything, "I don't know, but it
scared us all"she said

"First things first let us try to get the doors open first"Jaz said

Jaz walked to the doors and together with Highwaij she managed to open the
doors a little
the other 3 jumped up and all together they managed to open the doors to
engineering, where they met the others.

As they all stood together they reported their foundings
"Captain, I hate to be the one to add to our problems," ALiyah spoke up,
"but We found traces of bragatoplyn on the bridge!"

That caught the captain's attention, "what!" he almost yelled.
"Bragatoplyn is..." Jazz started but the captain cut her off, "I know what
it is Jazz," he told her mildly

"Captain"Highwaij said "That Bragatirixy..."

"Bragatoplyn "Jazz said  helpin Highwaij out

"That's it"Highwaij said,  "I don't know it, but can it have something to do
with creating our fears, even our most horrible thoughts, and what we are
afraid of......................"

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