[USS Vanguard] Family Reunion of the Odd Kind

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Authors: Emlyn (Played by Lt Cmdr Cynan Mandrake) & Lt Cmdr Xristha Droin, 
Position: New Vanguard Inhabitant & Chief Medical Officer
Setting: New Vanguard


"Cynan was my farther-grand, but then he left-departed..," Emlyn looked 
saddened for a moment but soon brightened up. "Come! I want you show you 
something!" he continued, taking Xristha's hand and leading her away from 
the group.

<end snip>

Xristha held the exotic flowers in her hand and turned to the captain who 
nodded slightly, allowing her to be taken away. His look of caution was 

The two walked quietly together.

?Emlyn, where are you taking me?? Xristha asked.

?I have wanted to show you this for so long.? Emlyn said as the two rounded 
a corner.

Emlyn took her to his home. It was of a similar structure to the main 
chamber but a lot smaller and only two windows. It wasn't the grandest of 
homes but he seemed proud of it none the less. Inside there was center table 
that had already been laid out. On it there were two candles that had 
already been lit and two sets of plates and cutlery.

"Here, sit here", Emlyn ushered her.

Xristha set the flowers in an empty vase of water that had been prepared on 
the table. ?You seem to have thought of everything, Emlyn.? His resemblance 
to Cynan was uncanny. ?How did you know I would be here?? She asked 

"It was written long ago." he said looking into her eyes adoringly. "I shall 
bring the food" he added moving away to the fireplace where a stew was 

Emlyn's home was certainly very basic, Xristha thought to herself. It was 
just like being in a holo novel set in a mythical world. "Excuse me" he said 
pouring some stew into Xristha's bowl.

"It looks delicious" she said trying to hide her skepticism.

?Where is it written?? Xristha smelled the stew which was palpable. ?You?ll 
have to excuse me, I appreciate the hospitality, but I didn?t get a copy of 
this?this thing that was written. I?m new to this.? She started to wish 
Cynan was with them.

"Oh, it's in the temple. The temple of New Vanguard. I can take you 
later-after, if you wish it." Emlyn replied helpfully. Moving around to the 
other side of the table he poured himself some stew and sat down to eat. "It 
is good?" he asked her nervously.

Xristha picked up a spoon and dipped it gently into the thick broth. She 
extracted the silver piece and brought it to her lips. Regardless of the 
taste she already knew her answer?it was a relief to find out her palate 
actually enjoyed it. ?It is something of which a great chef would be proud.? 
She set the spoon down.

Emlyn seemed delighted at this as if his whole life had been leading to this 
moment. "Here", he said, standing up and moving to a shelf above the 
fireplace. "I have something for you. It belonged to you grandmother."

It was a wooden box with intricate engravings. When Xristha opened it she 
noticed it contained one of the most beautiful necklaces that she had seen.

The jewels played against her fingertips as she ran them over the gems. ?It 
is breathtaking.? She said with a smile.

Xristha heard the word, at first it didn?t register completely. After 
admiring the necklace she came to the realization of what Emlyn had just 
said. ?I am your grandmother??

"Yes! And now we are together!" he said reaching out to hold her hand.

"Hold on there" she said pushing back on the chair and standing up. She 
wasn't sure but she could almost swear blind that Emlyn wanted more from her 
then just a family reunion.

"What is it? What have I done?" he asked shocked at Xristha's reaction.

"Nothing. It's just I have to report in. To the Captain, you understand" she 
said quickly.


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