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  • From: Kent Kavan <tonykavan@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2004 22:20:41 -0800 (PST)

Location:  Starfleet Headquarters
Craig sat passively behind the large wooden table embossed with the Federation 
logo.  He couldn't be sure but it looked like the same table he'd sat behind 
during his last board of inquiry.
Last time it was because the Sammuel B. Roberts had been destroyed, and he'd 
been the only surviving member of the bridge crew.  The board of inquiry then 
had drained him, used him up and left him exhausted and depressed.  It hadn't 
helped that his wife had died about the same time.  That, along with the board 
of inquiry seeming intent to lay blame on the loss of the Sammy B. on 
inadequate leadership and poor decision making drove Chief Petty Officer Kavan 
to the bottle to forget his problems.
Even after the board determined that the Sammy B. had been destroyed because of 
overwhelming enemy numbers, not incompetent leadership, Craig had continued on 
a downward spiral.  The bottom had come when he'd found himself in the brig and 
charged with drunk and disorderly conduct.  He still had no recollection of the 
events leading to his arrest that night.
After that, months of mandated counseling had finally helped Craig climb out of 
his pit of depression and he'd finally been reassigned.  The the 25th See Bee 
detatchment building homes and generally assisting in the relief efforts on a 
war-ravaged planet.  
Then, one night, the ruling tibe on the continent issued an edict for total 
ethnic cleansing.  They had come in the night, most armed only with machete's 
and knives, but enough armed with energy and projectile weapons to overwhelm 
the small group of See Bee engineers.  Craig had found himself armed with a 
native weapon and leading a small group of refugees to a Starfleet Aid Base.  
Again, Craig had been the only survivor.
Now, here he was again.  Another board of inquiry, though rather than condemn 
him this time they seemed intent on giving him a medal.  They'd praised his 
efforts to save as many refugees as possible, and lauded the intelligence he'd 
gathered during his cross-country trek to the Starfleet encampment.
Craig felt the woman next to him squeeze his hand and he looked into his 
daughter's eyes.  Arwen was halfway through her second year at Starfleet 
Academy, she was going to be an officer, sciences were her specialty.  
Specifically stellar cartography.  Craig hoped she'd get assigned to a nice 
quiet base on a lush planetoid and serve her career in peace and quiet.
They'd always been close, except when he began drinking.  She withdrew from him 
and it took a year for him to realize that when she'd needed him most, he'd 
abandoned her and slipped into depression.  They'd managed to patch things up 
while he taught at the Academy during his rehabilitation, and now she was here 
for him.  The irony was not lost on him.
"It'll be ok dad.  I think they're going to give you a medal."  Arwen could 
read the tension in his face and she was trying to lighten the mood.  Before 
his could respond though, the baliff entered the room and called everyone to 
Craig bolted upright, ramrod straight, at the position of attention while the 
two Lieutenants and one Commander re-entered the room.  When all three were at 
their places the Commander told everyone to return to their seats.
"Everyone" consisted of Craig, and his daughter Arwen.  The rest of the room 
was empty.  After twenty-eight years in the service, most of Craig's friends 
were either dead, or stationed off-world and were unable to come back for the 
"Chief," the Commander began once he was seated, "We've reviewed your report, 
and also the report of one Dr. Xristha Droin who apparently examined you when 
you found your way to the Aid Base.  Her report states that you were extremely 
exhausted, and showed the signs of several injuries which she goes on to list.  
She also mentions that you were able to bring in a family of refugees that most 
likely would have been killed in the tribal conflict.  After reviewing the 
evidence and testimony we find no wrongdoing on your behalf or the behalf of 
your commander, Lieutenant Junior Grade Winslow (deceased) and that you may be 
returned to active duty.  The specifics on your new assignment will be given to 
you by the orderly.  The inquiry is adjourned."
Craig stood at attention again as the three officers filed out and then checked 
in with orderly room in the hallway.  The orderly was a young crewman 
apprentice who handed Craig his orders.  Craig thanked him and turned away, 
already pressing his thumb to the PADD to unlock it.  Arwen looked over his 
shoulders as he read the words:
To:  Chief Petty Officer Kavan, Craig J. 99012340
From:  Command
Reference:  Assignment
You are hereby released from your current posting and ordered to assume the 
post of COMMAND CHIEF PETTY OFFICER, USS VANGUARD.  Effective immedietly.  USS 
Vanguard is en route Earth, you will report to the Captain within three hours 
of her arrival.
Good Luck
Command Chief Petty Officer Craig Kavan
USS Vanguard

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