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Post: Ancestors

Lt. Cmdr Jaav E'the=
Ship's Counselor
USS Vanguard

After - Andy's Post

Although not=
 on duty, Jaav had begun to make his way towards sickbay
soon after the =
first jolt to see if there was anything he could do to
help. As he enter=
ed the doors to sickbay he nodded at an engineering
crewman who sat on t=
he end of a biobed. The ensign looked a little
worse-for-wear, but aside=
 from a small cut on his forehead he looked
fine. Jaav walked towards Xr=
istha, she was stood next to one of the
nursing team showing her how to =
recalibrate a dermaplaser. She then
started to manipulate the arm of the=
 patient to the left of her, she
didn't notice Jaav until he was stood r=
ight next to her.

"You look like you've got everything in hand here, I=
 guess you don't
need any help from me." Jaav said,

"We've got it cov=
ered, I think there are a couple more crewmembers
making there way from =
engineering, they were in a jefferies tube when
we hit the mines,"

uch," was all Jaav said wincing a little.

"There is something you coul=
d do for me though,"

"Of course," Jaav answered.

"The Captain was s=
upposed to be resting in sickbay for a few days, I'd
like you to try and=
 use your persuasive technique to get him back

Jaav grinned,

"I'll try,"

Jaav made his way to the exit and headed for the turboli=
ft, taking the
long way around. Moments later he was on deck one and ste=
pped out of
the turbolift onto the bridge.

"I wonder what she=
's doing all the way out here," Santos mused.

"No clue, sir. At least,=
 not from these records."

"Only one way to find out. Zena, please asse=
mble an away team. Use the
hazard suits."

Santos, having hear=
d the doors hiss open turned towards them once he'd
finished giving orde=
rs. Zena walked past Jaav and smiled at him as
she entered the turbolift=
 and made her way to the transporter room.

"Ah Counselor, what's our m=
edical status?" Santos asked,

"Nothing more than a few bumps and bruis=
es sir, but there is one
patient Dr. Droin is quite concerned about." Ja=
av replied

"Oh really," Santos said, slightly concerned and not quite =
getting the joke.

"She informs me a member of the command team dischar=
ged himself from sickbay,"

Santos chuckled a little and rubbed his chi=

"And I suppose she sent you hear to convince me to go back?"

mething like that sir, but I needed the walk," Jaav sounded
slightly dis=
missive, but ony because he had one eye on the viewscreen.

"Is that wh=
at I think it is?" Jaav asked to no-one in particular,

"If you think i=
t's a Saladin class, derelict starfleet vessel then
yes," Highwaij answe=
red wittily.

"How long has it been out here like that?" Jaav asked, pe=
ering at the
viewscreen and moving closer to it.

"We're not entirely =
sure, but the archives suggest approximately a
century," This time it wa=
s Santos who answered,

"Are there any life-signs aboard?" Jaav asked, =
his curiosity personal
rather than professional.

"We detect no life-s=
igns, although there's no way to be completely
sure the readings are acc=
urate, the sensor palletes are still charged
with a little residual EM r=
adiation from when we exited the conduit."
This time it was the science-=
officer who was standing in for Zena who

"My grandfather was s=
tationed on a Saladin class vessel, I can't
remember it's name, his ship=
 dissappeared whilst it was on tour
shortly after my father was born,"

"He was in Starfleet?" Santos asked, out of polite curiosity,

"No, h=
e was a rather unscrupulous trader," Jaav replied, scrutinising
the view=
 on the screen, and wondering if this could be 'that' ship.



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