[USS Vanguard] Expansion in the present

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Lt. Cmdr Jaav E'thexx
Ship's Counselor
USS Vanguard
After: Incite into the past

Jaav brushed his hands together after pushing the bookcase into its final 
position.  Had he thought about it a little longer, he'd have realised that 
being the 'dust-free' environment that it was, there was nothing to brush off 
his hands on the Vanguard.  He took a couple of steps back, folded his arms and 
admired his handy work for a few seconds before the door chimed.  

"Come in!"  Jaav called out before moving over to the other new addition in his 
office, a Tholian pseudo-leather arm chair which he quickly made himself 
comfortable in.  It was Cynan Mandrake who entered through the door, as 

"Take a seat," Jaav said gesturing toward the couch.  

"My apologies for being late Jaav,"

"It's no problem Cynan, it gave me the chance to move a little more furniture 
around.  I was beginning to worry though,  we've been making such headway 
lately, I thought it a shame to bring our sessions to an end when we just seem 
to be making a real breakthrough,"  

Cynan sat rigid, uncomfortable.  He had still not managed to put himself 
entirely at ease with the whole prospect of analysis.  Jaav stood, moved over 
to his desk, and sorted through the clutter of PADDs that were strewn across it 
until he found the one he required.  

"I want you to take a look at this,  it could help,"  Jaav said holding out the 
PADD to Cynan, who took it and then began thumbing at the screen, flicking 
through the document. 

"Interactive subconscious holotherapy??!"  Cynan didn't sound too comfortable 
with the idea.  

"I think you're ready for it Cynan, we've reacehed a stage where conventional 
techniques are no longer likely to be of any help.  This could be the answer 
you're looking for, this could be the key to unlocking your repressed 
memories."  Once he'd finished speaking, Jaav seated himself next to Cynan who 
was visibly dazed by the prospect.  

"I'm not so sure,"  Cynan began,  "I don't like the idea of having my brain 
scrambled by a computer, I've had enough trouble sorting my mind out as it is!"

Jaav placed a hand on Cynan's shoulder,  "I can understand your reluctance, 
this IS an experimental technology, but it's entirely non-invasive and all test 
material so far has shown it to be perfectly safe."

"How does it work exactly?"  Cyan was perhaps slowly beginning to warm to the 
idea, but wasn't going to jump for it right away.  

"It's quite simple in principle.  You'd be given a sedative and monitored by 
Dr. Droin throughout the whole procedure.  Once you begin to enter a REM sleep 
cycle  a complex cyber-neural interface would then link your mind to the 
computer, specifically, a programme that's cleverly designed to convert your 
thought patterns into an interactive holographic environment.  Myself and one 
or two others would then enter the environment in an attempt to locate and 
carefully expose the memories buried in your subsconscious."  Jaav went silent, 
waiting for a response from Cynan.  

"So it's like dream therapy or hypnosis?"  Cynan shifted in his seat 

"Not exactly,  it's a lot more involved, and a lot more effective, but some of 
the principles are the same."

Cynan sat in silence, staring down at the PADD in his hands.  

"I'd have to think about it, may i take this?" Cyan asked gesturing towards the 

"Of course,  there's no pressure,  think about it as much as you like.  If you 
do decide to go ahead with the procedure I can have everything ready within an 

Cynan stood to his feet, eyes still fixed on the PADD and moved to the door.  

"Thank you Jaav," Cynan said as he exited the room and began strolling back to 
the bridge, with a great deal more to think about than when he'd arrived.

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