[USS Vanguard] Everywhere I look. . .

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  • Date: Sat, 26 Apr 2003 18:09:44 -0400

From Christopher Jackson

Soman Drath, XO
Tomonaga engineering
following "Thinking. . ."

Soman stood near Tomonaga's master board looking, for all intents and purposes, 
as if he were examining the ships mechanics for any anomalous readings.  In 
truth, his thoughts were elsewhere.  Why had Mandrake acted so brashly, 
bordering on the insubordinate, back there.  What effect was this ship having 
on the crew and himself?  

Soman once had a conversation with Alvon Stratford, Vanguards former temporal 
specialist, about the capabilities of the borg nanoprobes.  Alvon had once told 
him of something called "temporal memory."  As the collective encountered more 
and more species, capable of traveling through time, it began to experiment 
with traveling backwards in time.  The purpose was gain technological advantage 
over resistant species by traveling to a point in their history where they 
could not resist.  temporal memory was built into the drones in order for the 
hive to overcome the inevitable paradoxes that occurred.  However the tradeoff 
of biological distinctiveness without the technological rendered time travel 
inefficient for the Borg.  The temporal memory feature of the nanoprobes 
though, was found to be highly effective, increasing drone adaptation 
efficiency by 20%.  A full drone could actually visualize multiple scenarios 
and proceed along the one with the highest probability of success.  A 
full drone could.
Soman, with only a 10th the number of nanoprobes  of a normal Borg drone, 
wasn't capable of such a task. 


Looking down at his feet, Soman could see the deck, covered with blood; flowing 
around the boots of his hazard suit.  To his immediate left, Roch laid dead, a 
huge hole gouged grizzily out of the center of his torso.  To his right, he 
watched  a boolian and a human in Starfleet uniforms, claw helplessly at the 
main doors to engineering, their flesh seemingly melting off; doubtless from 
the Bragatophlyn in another causality.   The master board was the only thing 
that didn't change, and now that long ago conversation to pass the time had 
suddenly come to Soman's mind.  

It started when Cynan blasted the "anchor" and allegedly freed them from the 
multiple causalities.   Soman had continued to see the crew of Tomonaga milling 
around engineering.  Every time Soman shifted his gaze, the scene would change. 
 Thinking it was just after effects of the anchor, Soman didn't mention it.  It 
wouldn't due for the XO to panic the rest of his team.  Now that they have 
persisted, The XO was beginning to worry.

Xristha: penny for your thoughts?

Soman: big spender
Soman looked away from the master board and gazed with relief into Xristha's 
beautiful eyes, like a mariner finding a lighthouse in the midst of a storm at 
sea. He took her gloved hand and squeezed it tight.

Xristha: Happy to see me, hmm?

Soman: More than you know.

Xristha looked into Soman's eyes and her betazoid abilities found the deeper 
meaning behind his statement.

Xristha: What have you seen?

Soman: Everything

Xristha: I think  you should tell the Captain.

Just then, from behind came Des' voice getting everyone's attention.  

Des: Has anyone seen Qbed?  

Soman looked around the room but the Q was nowhere in site.  He hadn't seen her 
for some time, come to think of it. 

Ethexx: She's probably off exploring another part of the ship.  All of this 
must be quite amusing to her.  

As Soman scanned the engineering floor, several images struck him.  He watched 
as a mortally wounded Mandrake and Ethexx fought back the creature, described 
by Zena as attacking them in the corridor, outside of engineering.  As it 
faded, it was replaced by him, kneeling over the lifeless body of Xristha, 
weeping.  Her helmet faceplate had been shattered.  The scene changed again 
with the Captain and Zena fleeing from the room, followed by a core breach.

Soman's eyes finally fell upon the spot where Cynan had blasted the anchor.  
Expecting to see a burned out crater, instead, Soman saw the anchor in place 
and untouched by phaser fire.

Soman: What the. . .

Xristha: What is it?

Releasing Xristha's hand, Soman walked tentatively up to the anchor.  When 
Mandrake had touched it, it had set off something within the officer that 
prompted him to his brash action.  Soman reached for the anchor box, unsure if 
he'd touch anything or not.  As he approached, Soman noticed one more scene.  
Someone was injecting something into a conduit at the base of Tomonaga's 
reactor.  He replaced the injector and closed his medi-kit.  'Why would someone 
be using a medical kit on engineering equipment?.' Soman wondered.  The answer 
hit him just as Mandrake caught his shoulder.

Mandrake: There's nothing left of it, sir.  

Soman: Never mind that.  I think I might know what's happened to this ship.  
Mr. Highwaij, you're right.  This ship has bio-neural circuitry, the most 
advanced that I've ever seen.  I think the Bragatophlyn has somehow infected 
the ships systems.

Vogel: If that were true, doesn't every ship that uses bio-neural systems have 
an anti-viral agent.  

Zena: Yes, even Vanguard has a means of fighting infection in its circuits; a 
built in self repair protocol.

Soman: How would that manifest itself?

Vogel: It would depend on which systems were infected and how bad the infection 
was.  You'd notice a reduction in system performance, possibly short term 
malfunctions.  That's why you'd normally take a system like that. . . off . . 
.line . .

Soman: Like the state the Tomonaga was in when we arrived.

Xristha: You're saying that the Tomonaga's been fighting an infection?

Soman: A system wide one.  That's what's been causing everything we've been 
seeing.  I believe the technology on this ship has been affected by an 
infection of Bragatophlyn.  In it's attempts to fight it, it's caused 
everything we've experienced so far.

Kirk: Spock, where the hell is that power you promised me?
Spock: One damn minute Admiral.

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