[USS Vanguard] Everyone is going bonkers

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Rank: LTJG Connor Vogel

Place: USS Tomonaga (Sickbay)

After: Death Becomes Her (Psycho Doctor)

Connor stood next to Xristha as she slowly became responsive again.

Xristha: "The placebo didn't work."

Captain: ?Oh no, no jokes this time, what happened, straight answer?

Xristha: ?I had some form of vision and what I saw, I don?t ever want to see

Captain: ?Why what did you see, did you see what happened to the tomonaga

Xristha: ?No but I saw what would happen to this crew if we overstay our

At that time Connor had come back of his inspection of sickbay, the others
didn?t even realize he had been gone.

Connor: ?Everything seems to be in order captain but I recommend we keep our
Gemini shield active at all times, I have a bad feeling?

Captain: ?Sound advice, active the shield everyone?

Captain: ?Ok let?s look around, stay within eye contact of at least one

The group slowly started to take do the inspection of sickbay and it?s
critical systems.

Connor walked into a small room with three bio beds, the quarantine room.
Just when he was turning around to leave the small room, he jolted and
quickly turned again to see the bio beds?were his eyes playing tricks on
him, he didn?t just see that did he.

He shook his head, no it couldn?t be, he turned again to leave the room, and
there he saw it again. No mistake this time.

All three bio beds had occupants. And the truly eerie part was, they were
Jazz, Highway and Aliyah. Dead all three of them, this wasn?t happening?

As he turned to call the others he took one last glance at the bio beds,
empty?what the %#^# is going on here he thought.

He called the others.

As the rest approached Denville asked: ?What did you see Connor??

Connor: ?Doctor, that vision you had, was it our crew dead and mutilated on
bio beds?

Xristha spooked

Xristha: ?Y Y yes, but how did you know, you?re not an empathy are you?

Connor: ?Not unless I developed some serious special abilities in the last
minutes ore so, but I saw it too, at first I thought I was imaging things
but then I saw it as clear as I see you now, I could almost touch them?

The Captain reacted immediately,: ?Highway come in please?

Denville: ?But if you saw that too then it wasn?t a vision, it was real, a
time bubble of a future event, oh boy?

Captain: ?Perhaps, but if it is, we have to make sure that that will be a
timeline that never happens?

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