[USS Vanguard] Every Trip Has a Beginning

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Author: Lt. Cmd. Cynan Mandrake.
Author: Lt. Cmd. Xristha Droin, MD

Setting: Boca Paila, Mexico

OoC. Sorry to do this and confuse ye all but I [Cynan] want to change the 
Spain references in my last post to Mexico to better fit with Alexa's and 
Roch's post. I also want to pre-post my last one too... sowwry!

[Snip from "Compadre!" (Alexa)]
?So seriously, what brings you to Mexico.? Xristha asked looked at him 
intently this time.

"Maybe he's here for the view", Cynan chipped in smiling at The Doctor as he 
sat down beside her.

"It is a nice view" she replied casting another glance toward the cabin boy 

"That's not exac..", Cynan started, but was cut-off by Roch.

"No it's not that" Roch said, still staring out across the deep blue ocean.

Xristha and Cynan both looked at Roch for a moment and then they turned back 
to face each other.

"Hmm, well anyway, would you be so kind as to accompany me to dinner?" Cynan 
said to her.

"What?" Roch said turning to Cynan and then quickly adding, "oh, sorry" and 
turned back to the ocean.

Xristha smiled. She set the PADD she was reading down and took a final sip 
of her pina colada. ?I will see you back on the ship Mr. Chase.? She winked 
at him. ?I seem to have a dinner date.?

The Doctor turned to Mandrake, ?Where?s the party?? She stood up out of the 
lounge and wrapped a sarong around her waist, creating a pseudo-dress with a 
bikini top.

?I had Italian in mind.? Cynan said, leading Xristha off the beach.

?Italian?? Xristha questioned, cocking her eye brow.

A smirk played across the rogue Cynan?s face.

Xristha smiled. ?Who would have though there?d be humor in there?? She 

A half an hour later Xristha found herself sitting at a table for two in a 
small Mexican café, complete with a mariachi band and flaming chicken, 
steak, and seafood fajitas at the table with homemade flour tortilla shells.

In front of her sat an extra large margarita with salt and a lime. She 
grabbed the glass and touched Cynan?s glass. ?To new friendships.? She said, 
gently holding the glass in the air and then bringing it to her lips.

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