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  • Date: Thu, 5 Jun 2003 23:26:28 +0100 (BST)

After: Heatin' the Freeze
"And where do you think you're going?" Kieran looked up, rather blankly, at the 
woman who'd stepped out in front of him. For a moment he thought someone was 
looking to start trouble, but the mood was wrong for it, and he relaxed a 
"Look Commander," she started, "I know I am new around here and don't know very 
much about this crew and I am the last one to be giving advice but..."
"Then don't?" he offered - no-one that started a conversation in that vein 
could possibly be saying something he wanted to hear.
"You can spend some time with us because as far as I can see, I don't bite and 
neither do they."
Kieran glanced across at the small group that had settled about the table, 
grateful for the forced smiles they put on to mask their dissapointment in him, 
in his performance during their away-mission. Them he knew, and he knew they 
would leave him to deal with the situation in his own time, to come to them and 
apologise individually, but this newcomer...
"Why do you care?" he asked, quietly, wondering if she were trying to draw him 
into some sort of verbal trap: pin him down amongst the group and flog him with 
his own guilt for a while. Too risky. "I have to finish this report, anyway."
 "No you don't," she snatched the PADD he demonstrated with and snuck it behind 
her back like the playground bully taunting smaller children. "I am sure the 
captain is in no hurry to get those. He knows that we are just having some time 
off and from what I can see you've been trying to get that done from before we 
all got here. Face it man, you need a break."
~Arm or leg?~ he thought to himself, but forced a calming breath in through his 
nose, and out through his mouth, and said nothing. The PADD, after all, was 
merely a display - the information was held in the central computer core, and 
any PADD he used could call it up.
"Besides," Jazz continued, "It's not everyday you get to just laze about. Get a 
load off, put your feet up and have a drink with..ah...friends! So what do you 
"I do not intend to finish this for the Captain, Miss, but for myself. I have 
to settle this in my own mind, before I can look for it in someone elses. 
You're right, you don't know me, that's obvious - each of us deals with things 
in our own way. You, apparently, like to confront them - I prefer to 
rationalise them. When I'm done, I'm sure I'll be available to turn down your 
party invitation for lack of interest, rather than pressing engagements, now if 
you'll excuse me...?"
Off> Hehe... Kieran really can be a prat, sometimes :)
Lieutenant-Commander Kieran Darkwater
Archaeology and Anthropology Officer
USS Vanguard

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