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Forwarded for Mel.


Lt. Zena Quetan
Following on from "troubles ahead"


Santos studied Delta silently.

"Contact the Commission on Trill. Describe this man to
them. Try to find out
if he has any family, his background, when he went
missing--that sort of
thing. If he comes to, call me right away. I want to
speak with him. In the
meantime you may want Highwaij to look at  the
message, and try to get
Lieutenant Khan working on the symbiote. Find out
what's harming him, and we
may have the key to the mystery."

<end snip>


The doors swished behind the Captain as he left

"I'll contact Trill, If you could take care of
Highwaij and Khan? I might
talk to the Pilot who brought him here as well, he
could know something"
Zena said

Xristha nodded

"oh" Zena said as she started walking towards the
door, she turned back to
face Xristha "I think it'd be a good idea if we posted
security here...just
incase you know?...don't want him disappearing or

Xristha smiled "I'm on it"

Zena walked briskly as she headed towards where she
had first met Delta.

Arriving on the scene an officer stood nearby, Zena
approached him "Excuse
me Ensign, Did you see the pilot of this vessel when
he arrived?"

The officer stood up straight and answered eagerly
"Yes Lieutenant, He left
about 10 minutes ago"

"Did he mention where he was going at all?" Zena

The young officer nodded "The Klingon barbeque
restaurant Lieutenant"

Zena smiled "Thank you for you help Ensign"

*Klingon BBQ restaurant*

Zena walked through the doors, the smell of freshly
cooked food hit her with
the sound of laughter, muffled conversation which
couldn't be made out and
the sizzling sound of the barbeque as the meat hit the
hot surface.

Zena scanned the room and saw a mixture of faces. In
the far corner sat a
young Terran man, a cap was lay on the table next to
his glass, he sat
patiently waiting for his food.

Zena made her way through the tables and stood next to
where he was sat
"Sorry to disturb you sir, I'm Lieutenant Zena Quetan,
You're the pilot of
the Chrysanthemum correct?"

Max nodded hesitantly

"The Trill that was on board - Sachim Delta?, do you
have any information on
him? he's in sickbay right now, I need to try and
contact his family" Zena
said as quietly as possible

Max seemed to ease up a little "I don't have much,
just a few details on the
manifest, but it's yours if you want it"

He held out a PADD

"Thanks...enjoy your meal" Zena said as she took the

Zena read the PADD as she walked, it didn't give much
information but it was
a little more than she had before.

Arriving at her destination she sat down at the
communications terminal and
set up a secure link to Trill.

Seconds later an old looking Trill appeared on the
screen, Zena didn't
recognize him

"How can I help?" he asked, his voice a little shaky

"I need some information on a Sachim Delta, he arrived
on this Starbase
earlier today, he's very sick, if you could find out
anything, his family,
his history..."

Zena sent the details from the manifest through to the
old Trill.

He looked through them and rubbed his chin "well I'll
see what I can do, but
I cant promise anything"

Zena nodded "I understand, Thank you for your time"

"I'll be in touch if I find anything" he said, with
that the connection was

Zena tapped her Comm Badge "Xristha, have you spoken
to Highwaij and Khan?"

Xristha voice replied back "Yes they are both here
now, any news?"

"Not really, I'm on my way back to you now" Zena said
as she entered the

"Ok, see you soon, Droin out."
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