[USS Vanguard] Earth!

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  • Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2004 15:53:03 -0500 (EST)

"Guess what?" she asked her brother keith.
"Whats that love?" he asked her.
"we are heading to EARTH!" she cheered.
Her brother smiled, "I see you're happy!" 
"For sure!" she grinned then leaned toward the LCARS screen to eye him.
"Whats wrong?" she asked him, "And dont tell me nothing."
"I'm just tired is all," he stuck his tounge out at him.
She lean back and stapled her fingers, "Tired eh?" she asked eying him like he 
does her when he was thinking.
"Yes tired M.J," Keith smiled, "Cant a guy be tired?"
"Ok I'll give you that," she smiled.
"You!" he accused and blew her a kiss. 
"How's everything?" she asked him, "How are the boys?"
Keith only shook his head, "They are a bunch of pain. Duchain got a girl and I 
think its serious. Roman has one too but you know Roman, a relationship is 
never serious for him."
M.J laughed, "Yah I know Roman, what about John Sam Ash and Chris?" she asked.
"They are around. Aston is on the USS Salvation now. He got promoted to Marine  
Maria-Jana did a whoop and grinned, "Thats my big bro!"
Keith only shook his head while trying to hide a smile, "Look sis as much as I 
love chatting with you, I gatta run."
"Where you going?" she asked, "My shift starts in oh...Five minutes."
"I love you Keith," she told him as he sat down.
"I love you too Brat," he told her before the screen went back to normal. She 
sat there for a while before getting up and walking out of her quarters.  She 
missed her brothers terrible. Hopefully someone would feel up to talking with 
Ensign Maria-Jana "M.J" Valentine

Stellar Cartographer

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