[USS Vanguard] Duty Calls

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Lt. jg Jazz "Rixx" falcon
USS Vanguard
Title: Duty Calls
=/\= "Santos to Falcon."
=/\= "This is Falcon. Go ahead."

=/\= "Please report to Engineering."

=/\= "Acknowledged."

=/\= "Santos out."

In the holodeck, Falcon sighed and turned to Mandrake.

"Duty calls, methinks."

Mandrake grinned. "You better go. He doesn't like to be kept waiting."

"Patience is not one of his virtues."

Mandrake frowned. "Hey, don't criticize the captain in front of another 
officer. That's bad practice. Another officer may turn it into an 

Falcon held her hands up. "Whoa, buddy, I wasn't bad-mouthing the 
captain. I was..." She sighed. "Never mind. Look, I gotta go."

Mandrake looked off into the distance. "Catch up with you later...?"

"Yeah, sure."

He turned to watch her go.

Exobiologist Jazz Falcon arrived in Engineering minutes later.

"Captain? You wanted to see me?"

Santos nodded at McCaw and Kavan, busily working at separate boards.

"We've had some sort of malfunction--possibly even sabotage--with the 
transporter bio-filters. Will you please assist Mister McCaw as needed 
until the systems are operational."

Falcon looked at McCaw. "Aye, sir," she said.

"Very good," Santos said.

Santos turned to leave Engineering. On the periphery, he realized he 
was tired, but he had too much to occupy him to think much about it.

He left for Stellar Cartographer and to check to see if M.J. Valentine 
was available or whether she had made any notes on the Klinzai 
Observatory material.

Jazz sat down in the chair next to McCaw. She hadnt really had met this man 
before but what could she do. She didnt know if he talked much so she went 
right down to work. Her fingers danced over her console then she saw it, "Did 
someone beam on board?" she asked, "Its reported here than the transporters 
didnt pick up anything but someone came on board."
She looked over at McCaw who was staring at her she was not speaking in 
english. She smiled, "In enhlish Lt, we've got a contaminated unwelcomed huess 
on board the Vanguard!"

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