[USS Vanguard] Duck and Cover

  • From: Kieran Darkwater <kierandarkwater@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2003 22:13:18 +0100 (BST)

<Around the time of 'Promotions, etc...'>

"How are things going?" Kieran echoed, squinting slightly against the general 
noise of the room that made it difficult to speak. "Not so bad. That statuette 
you brought back from the Vulcan system is quite superb." he offered, staring 
down at the drink, wondering if it was as chemically inoffensive as the one he 
still held.

"Anyway, welcome to The Rapture Table."

"The Rapture table?" Cynan asked, lowering the glass.

"Armageddon is coming, you know. All of this will end in skies of fire and 
rivers of blood. Only the blessed few will be allowed to depart early, in the 
Rapture.... sorry, it's an old Academy joke I had to put up with. Comes from 
Earth, Judaeo-Christian mythology about the end of the world."

"You went to some great parties at the Academy, didn't you?" Cynan offered, 
with a sarcastic tone.

"So I've been told..."

Time passed for the pair, each sat in their own strange, self-induced 
discomforts, until they were interrupted by a call to the dais.

Having been through this before, Kieran was a little more prepared for it this 
time, but he still felt entirely wretched as he was put on display for the 
gawking masses to applaud before being set free to return to his table. Still, 
it didn't stop him running a finger over the third pip in his collar, feeling 
the hollow with the vague shadow of a smile - recognition was always 

The evening continued, the usual social interactions - food to prevent you 
talking, intoxicants to prevent you talking intelligibly, music to prevent you 
hearing - all the usual communications of a festival atmosphere, and Kieran 
watched intently, far more interested in observing the dynamics than joining 

So it was that he managed to avoid the first projectile, though the second 
caught him with a flesh wound - the flesh in this case appearing to be a pig's.

"Well, Lieutenant-Commander," he observed to Cynan, staying low behind the 
table, "I think we've probably heard the trumpet call in all that, and I'm not 
waiting for Death and his four horsemen to arrive - I'll be leaving now."

Snatching a cluster of Andorian Spiced Kala meat bites, he departed into the 
corridor with only the flesh wound and a few stitches required in his jacket to 
return to his quarters and his copy of Bazraval Kiro's 'The Ironies' to while 
away the hours.

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