[USS Vanguard] Droin and Kye

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Xristha Droin sipped her pina colada as Dellan Kye quietly chewed his 
coconut salad. The doctor was dressed in a translucent wrap and Dellan was 
wearing surfing shorts. The two watched the waves crash upon the fine sand 
of St. Thomas. The two decided to have lunch on Earth. It was relaxing.

"What are you thinking about?" Xristha said as she picked up an oyster.

Dellan sighed, "You."

The Bandi smiled, "Liar." She stood up and grabbed Kye's hand.

The two walked together along the shore of the Sea. "I am thinking that this 
is a generated illusion." He stopped and turned to face Xristha, "One day we 
will be able to really be on the beach of an ocean."

"You are hopeless." Xristha pulled him closer and the two fell on the sand.

<Sometime later>

Doctor Droin was dressed in her uniform, her hair tied up over her 
shoulders. She meticulously ran a dermal regenerator over Ensign Takira's 
arm, healing a plasma burn.

"Maybe we should try not to do that again." She smiled reassuringly to the 
young man.

He laughed, "Yes Doctor."


Just wanted to post short message that I am here still =)

Dr Xristha Droin

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