[USS Vanguard] Droin & Kye

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  • Date: Sat, 29 Mar 2003 14:28:53 -0800 (PST)

Welcome to the new crew members. I'm sure you'll love the ship! 
This post is a back log explaining the disappearance of Kye - I thought it was 
important to complete this post as Droin and Kye WERE an item. 
Lieutenant Commander Xristha Droin sat in her office drumming her fingers 
against the sleek black desktop. Her reflection danced across the paneling on 
the wall. She was lost in a deep thought.
A clearing voice pulled her back to full consciousness, her fingers stopped 
their rat-tat-tating on the desk. She looked up. Standing in the archway Dellan 
Kye smiled.
She didn't say anything.
"I'm off." He broke the silence.
Again she didn't say anything.
Kye moved into her office. He sat across from her.
"The Sydney is waiting for me." He said, soliciting a reaction.
She nodded quietly. Dellan Kye and the chief medical officer had become very 
close in the past years. Now he was leaving for an assignment at Fleet Command. 
"I'll miss you." She spoke.
"And I will miss you." He returned.
She stood up and walked over to the former JAG Officer. The two embraced. She 
didn't shed any tears, though her emotions anguished inside.
After a brief moment they released and Kye was gone.
The doctor walked over to her replicator, "Water, cold."
The empty space was replaced with a flawless glass of refereshing water. She 
grabbed the glass and raised it to her lips. She took a sip. 
She closed her eyes tightly, holding back any tears. The glass slipped through 
her hands and shattered against the floor.
Nurse Michelle Foster heard the glass and entered Xristha's office. "Doctor?"
Xristha sighed, her emotions back in check. "The glass slipped as I grabbed 
it." She confabulated. Bending down Xristha gently gathered the glass. Michelle 
brought a towel and together they cleared the mess.
"Thanks." Xristha said.
Michelle smiled, taking the glass wrapped in the towel.
Alone again Xristha pulled her hair down, it cascaded to her shoulders. She ran 
her hands through it. Without further hesitation she returned to her 
work...serving the crew of the Vanguard.
LtCmdr Xristha Droin, MD
Chief Medical Officer
USS Vanguard

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