[USS Vanguard] Drawing It All Together

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[After "We're on the road to nowhere" by Kieran and
"Academy Digs" by Sam]

Qbed sat on a big red comfy couch in a darkened room
with many television screens, each featuring a
different crew member.   She ate extra-butter popcorn.

"It's getting away from you," said a voice in the

Qbed's head jerked up. "Q! What are you doing here?"

He ignored that.  There was a time and a place for
small talk between Q, and this was not it. "Qbed. 
It's time to give it up."  He took a handful of
popcorn. "Excellent, this."

She moved the bucket out of his reach. "Give it up? 

"You're proving nothing.  You know I enjoy toying with
humans as much as any Q, but this?  You've failed
utterly.  They're seeing through it.  Very shoddy

"Work-Q-ship," she corrected, then sighed. "It really
has been.  They just weren't cooperating!"

"You didn't put them in this to make them do what you
want.  You wanted to see what would happen.  Has your
knight proven faithful?"

"We-ell..." She sighed and gestured to the screen
showing Sam leaving his quarters. "Yes.  But he hasn't
asked me to the Spring Formal!"

"You might try introducing yourself to him.  But
you're on a deadline now, Qbed.  They need to be back
within the week."

"The Spring Formal is still months away!"

He just looked at her.

"Oh...right...omnipresent and omnipotent beings and
all...I could just make it time, couldn't I?"

"And to think Q called you scatterbrained."

Her jaw dropped. "Q said that?  Hmph."

"Tick-tock, dear Qbed.  Get it started."

"All right, all right."  She waved a hand and the
screens began moving much like movies in fast forward.
 Cats, kisses, barfights, exams...all zoomed through

"Tomorrow's the Formal," she said, checking the date
at the bottom of each screen.

"Have you paired them up appropriately?" Q asked.

"No, they get to choose who they'll go with.  I guess
I'd better meet up with Sam.  What do you think?" She
modeled the uniform she had chosen.

"Red always was your color.  Now, off you go!"

Qbed popped out and Q settled in with her popcorn.
"This really is delicious," he noted.


OoC: Many, many apologies!  Consider Q's words a thwap
to myself as well, and Qbed's lame excuses my own
offerings.  I see that Andy wants to wrap up the
mission, so I figured I'd get us to the dance (OMG!)
and let the fun begin.

However, if any of you want to write up some more
posts that take place before the dance, it's just 
part of the "fast forward" time, and they'll fit in
with no problem.

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