[USS Vanguard] Doppelgangers.

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Lt. Cmd. Cynan Mandrake.
New Vanguard.
After " Meet the Parents - We're in for a surprise?!" (Alexa/Xristha).


[New Vanguard]
Santos's team, comprising of Chief Medical Officer Xristha Droin, First
Officer Zena Quetan, Intelligence Officer Shar, and himself, had landed on
the planet and had started walking into the main complex of New Vanguard.

"Please excuse-pardon me, I need to check-prepare the banquet." Moira McCaw,
First Consul of New Vanguard said. "Please feel-be free to look around" she
added with a smile.

The main entrance to the complex was dome shaped, created by structural
pillars with a glass like material in between to let in the light. Doorways
were all around leading to, at this point, who knows where, whilst plant
life raced up and around the pillars up towards a centrally open top. 

"This is nice" Zena said gently to the Captain, as Shar began studying the
surroundings for any possible tactical situation that could arise.

"It's incredible" replied the Captain slowly.

"Captain, there's..."

Whilst they were having a quiet moment, the Chief Medical Officer was about
to have her word with the captain.

"These are for you," a voice interrupted her.

Xristha turned to see Cynan standing before her with a bunch of flowers that
she had not seen the like of before.

"Cynan this isn't the time..."

"I'm Emlyn" the man before her boasted, "and you are beautiful-most".

Xristha, shocked for a moment, looked blankly at him.

"Cynan was my farther-grand, but then he left-departed..," Emlyn looked
saddened for a moment but soon brightened up. "Come! I want you show you
something!" he continued, taking Xristha's hand and leading her away from
the group.

"The resemblance is uncanny," commented Captain Santos to Zena.

"Indeed. He's just like him but, but without the in ambitions."

"I agree" replied Dominic nodding.

"These are for you," another voice said, this time coming from a girl who
looked very similar to M.J.

"Er.", Santos muttered much to Zena's amusement.

"These are for you," a Trill marked male said to Zena, carrying yet another
bunch of flowers.

"Thank you", replied Zena looking blankly into the young Trill's eyes before
being led off as well.

All of a sudden Shar found himself standing alone when he heard his voice
again... "I'm through-past here. Are ready-you?"

Meanwhile back aboard the Vanguard...

[USS Vanguard]
"Are you sure I can't blow something up?", Cynan asked Craig.

"No, sir. The Captain wouldn't like that."

"You guys always wreck my fun." Cynan muttered back to Craig as he slumped
into the Captain's chair.

[To Be Continued...]

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