[USS Vanguard] Don't Call Me, I'll Call You

  • From: "Cynan" <kuhnahn@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "USS Vanguard" <ncv80221@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 4 May 2002 10:03:27 +0100

Lt. JG. Cynan Mandrake.
Location: USS Vanguard; Crew Quarters.
Time: After "wail of a banshee" (Kieran).

Subject: Don't Call Me, I'll Call You.

OoC: Sorry to move things on... but... sorry.

[Crew Quarters]
The night had been long and hard. He had tossed repeatedly and had finally
resorted to slouching in an arm-chair in the corner of his room, where She'
Ra found him the follow morning.

Cynan: "Come", he said as the door chime sounded.

The door swished open to a darkened room, shadows casting off everything.
She'Ra entered with caution.

She'Ra: "Cynan? Are you in here?"

A shape slumped forward, still covered by the dark.

Cynan: "Some of me", he said coldly.

She'Ra: "Whats the matter? Why are you sitting in the dark?"

She tried to get nearer, but Mandrake just held out his good arm, palm
flattened out towards her.

Cynan: "Don't. I don't want you to see me like this. I don't want anyone to
see me."

She'Ra: "Like wha(t?).."

She moved closer still and caught a glimpse of his shadow on the far wall.
His folder legs, his torso, his head, his arm, and an empty space where the
other should have been.

She'Ra: "Ooh."

He looked up towards her, rising up as if to get up and go to her, but them
seemed to change his mind when he sank back down, further away then before.

Cynan: "Just go She'Ra."

She'Ra: "But."

Cynan: "Just go."

She turned, but then span right back around.

She'Ra: "Why won't you just let me in!? I thought we had something!!"

There was an empty silence for a minute or two whilst she stood there
looking at the shape in the corner, and then she left. The door swished
closed to a sigh from with-in the darkness and all was silent once again.

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