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OOC: Okie dokie...let's see if I can patch up my torn doctor...

He placed his hand on her cheek and leaned down. She began to lean towards 
him and her eues closed. Suddenly, her commbadge went off. =/\= Dr. Droin, 
please meet me in cargo bay 2.=/\=

Xristha pulled away. "Um....I'll...talk to you later about dinner, okay?" 
She asked. Dellan nodded, clearing his throat. "Uh...okay....ya..." He said. 
She grabbed her tricorder, turned on her hel and walked out of sickbay, 
leaving Dellan alone with his thoughts.
[end snip]

[yet another snip]
Santos, Quetan and Gainsley made their way to the bridge, and Droin headed 
for sickbay as Ennien led a chatty Desdemona towards her quarters.  Although 
it went quite without their notice, each of the five who had greeted their 
new arrival were in slightly higher spirits than they had been before, as if 
her good humor was catching.

Before the Doctor departed from the Captain he pulled her aside, "What are 
you reactions?"

She paused for a moment. For a telepath, it was not easy to verbalize her 
sensations, "She was very calm. An inner strength was clearly evident." She 
shook her head, "I would have to confer with another to clear my thoughts." 
For Bandi, telepathy was not as easy as a Betazoid. She knew that stretching 
her power to humanoid lives strained her mind. Typically Bandi communicated 
with imprints with lower life forms.

She looked at her tricorder, "I would also ask that I complete a more 
thorough exam on her when she feels better."

Santos nodded and Droin excused herself. As she walked away she turned, 
"Captain?" Santos turned to her. "I know one thing. She is not human."

He nodded to her and she started walking slowly.

She tried to sort through the images in her mind. Unlike Betazoids, Bandi 
tended to get impressions in metaphorical pictures. Occasionally they could 
openly read thoughts, but mostly empathic senses and images. She was 
frustrated. The woman's mind was difficult to read and the images were too 
many. Her mind was overloaded and her shields shot up after the first 
empathic feel. It was as if the stranger's mind was a vault, storing endless 
journals of her life, "No one could have that many memories."

She entered the turbolift and headed back to sickbay. She wondered what was 
for dinner? As she exited the turbolift she decided she would take a bath - 
that would ease her tension.


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