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Lt. Zena Quetan
Following Lela's post

"Transporters! I forgot about that" Zena exclaimed "I get a little woozy
myself sometimes after using them but my Symbiont is used to it by now so it
doesn't happen all that often"

Droin put Delta in stasis immediately and they all sat down to a discussion

Droin: Any suggestions? Zena, have you come across any cases like this

Quetan: Not directly, it's a rare thing to happen, If a Symbiont is settled
to its host it shouldn't be effected so severely.....There could be a number
of reasons for this, The Symbiont could be dying because of the fact its
artificial, the body could be rejecting it, or vice versa....

The computer interrupted "Lt.Quetan you have received a Priority message

Zena went over to the terminal and once again the old Trill appeared on the

"I've checked the name you gave me and a Sachim Delta doesn't even
exist!...So then I cross referenced the image you gave me and I got a
match...He is Levva Renhol, son of Doctor Renhol of the Symbiosis
Commission, He went missing 3 weeks ago...I haven't contacted the Doctor
do you want me to inform her of your find?"

"No, no, I'll do that, Thank you again for your time and efforts" Zena ended
the transmission

Highwaji came through the doors at the exact time with a huge grin on his
face "One message, Fully readable"

He handed a PADD to Zena

She read the PADD carefully "It's notes... research notes from Doctor Renhol
and her project for artificial Symbionts, Levva put it all together for me,
he was hoping I could help, whether he intended me to meet him or not I
don't know"

She paused whilst she read further "He was the first ''successful'' test
that his mother conducted..."

"She used her own son as a guinea pig? nice!" Xristha commented with a hint
of disgust in her voice

"Real successful huh that's why he's here on deaths door now is it?" She'ra
chirped in too

"I'll get in touch with his mother, she might know of how we can help him"
Zena said

"We don't have much time, His vitals are fading" Xristha said concerned for
her patient

Zena contacted the Commission, a young woman came on the screen "Yes?" the
tone in her voice showed she had an air of arrogance about her.

"I'd like to speak to Doctor Renhol please" Zena replied

"Well the Doctor is very busy so unless you have some sort of

Zena didn't give her a chance to finish "Would she be interested in talking
about her son only I have him here..."

The young woman's face gave a look of surprise, seconds later Doctor Renhol
appeared on the screen

"You!" she snapped when she saw Zena "What have you done with my son?!"

Zena remained calm and diplomatic "He came to me, only he collapsed before
we had a chance to speak, We now have him in stasis but his chances of
surviving are slowly fading, His artificial Symbiont seems to be the cause
of that"

"B..b..but I don't understand, he was fine, the joining was successful"
Doctor Renhol fell into her seat her eyes slowly filling with tears

Xristha stepped forward "Doctor, we need your help and we have an hour at
the most to save him, is there ANYTHING we can do to stabilize Levva and the

Rehnol pulled herself together "no, there is no other option than to
separate the two, the chemical imbalance is too great they reject each

Xristha frowned "but can they survive without each other?"

Rehnol shook her head "There is a 50/50 chance for both of them, the host
can live without the symbiont, but if the symbiont survives it needs a new
host within 72 hours, it's a major operation, there is no guarantee of

All eyes rested on Xristha, the decision was hers...


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