[USS Vanguard] Dessert...alone?

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  • Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2004 20:24:40 -0600

Author: Lt Cmdr Xristha Droin, MD
Position: Chief Medical Officer
After: Mandrake?s ?Scared?

Setting: Boca Paila, Mexico

The flan and cake was delivered to the table. Xristha smiled and winked at 
the waiter.

?Una?? The Mexican asked.

?Si, una.? She said shrugging.

He offered the desserts.

?Ambos.? The doctor laughed. She was slightly upset she was alone, but she 
couldn?t let the dessert go to waste.

The waiter grinned a white toothy smile. He set both of the decadent plates 
in front of her.

She looked over her shoulder, but it was empty. She shrugged and picked up a 

There wasn?t much that people could hide from her. She was a mix of 
telepathic maelstrom from her parentage. In addition she had access to the 
private information of crew that only a Chief Medical Officer could know.

She also knew herself. Xristha wouldn?t take an action that she didn?t fully 
back up. It wasn?t her style. Perhaps this time she would have to reevaluate 
her intentions. She sighed then smiled?for now it was time for dessert.

She looked at the empty chair she couldn't hide the fact that she was upset 
at Cynan's actions...more sad than upset. She wondered where he went...

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