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Cadet Jaav E'thexx
Academy Grounds

Within a moment or two a=
nd not really sure why, Jaav became intensely nauseas.  Always the thinke=
r he began to analyse his current condition with all the knowledge of psy=
chology he's gained during his years in the academy.  Except that wasn't =
right.  Theories, lectures and scenarios flooded into his head that he co=
uld recall vividly unlike like daydreams, but it was all material he coul=
d not yet have learned.  

Jaav steadied himself against a tree.  While=
 concentrating on holding down the contents of his stomach he was vaguely=
 aware that his hand rested on familiar bark, and he stood by a bench he =
felt like he'd sat on a thousand times.  The only problem with these sens=
ations were that this particular areas of the Academy Gardens had only be=
en completed and opened to the students a week before.  Something was mos=
t definately not right.  

Jaav felt instensely compelled to find his c=
lassmates, there again was another surprise.  It wasn't the familiar face=
s of his psychology classes that he thought of now.  Instead it was the r=
andom faces of people he'd seen once or twice around the campus, but righ=
t now they seemed as familiar as family.  

There was a young woman per=
ched on the edge of a bench, she look equally distressed.  

  Jaav offered tentatively.  The woman peered at him through wincing eyes=
.  She scrutinised him up and down.  She had never spoken to him before, =
only seen him at the medical centre once or twice.  

"It's Jaav isn't =
it?"  The woman said as she stood to her feet and brushed off her uniform=
.  "Something is definately NOT right," Xristha said as she looked around=
 her, "Is anybody else affected?"

"I'm not sure, but I have a strong f=
eeling that they might be,"  Jaav caught the words as he said them.  

"They?"  Xristha asked, "You mean Santos and the others?"

"Yes, but I'=
m not sure why."  Jaav placed his hand on his stomach once again.  "Don't=
 ask me how I know but I think they're the key to sorting all this out"

"Come on!"  Xristha said gesturing with her hand, "Let's go find them."=
  Xristha moved off in a light sprint and Jaav followed just as soon as h=
is stomach had settled.  In their haste they clipped the edges of one of =
the new flowerbeds, complete oblivious to the elderly man kneeling down i=
n his dungarees by the side of them.  

"Don't you kids ever watch wher=
e you're going?" was all Boothby shouted back at them, lightly shaking hi=
s fist before shaking his head and smiling.  

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