[USS Vanguard] De-briefing

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(OOC-kinda short. But I just wanted to let ya'll know I"m still here!!) 


LtJG Dellan Kye- JAG Officer
USS Vanguard
During Sam's post

Dellan walked onto the bridge and made his way to the Captain's Ready Room.
He entered and looke daround. "Um..Captain Santos?" "Back here Lt." Came the
reply. Dellan walked towards the back room and looked in. Santos was under
neath the Computer console. 

Santos looked up. Dellan smiled. "We do have technitians for that sort of
thing, Sir. "Santos msiled. "I know. But I enjoy doing this sort of thing
myself." Dellan kneeled down. "What seems to be the problem?" Santos propped
himself up onto one elbow. "Well, everytime I ask for coffee, it gives me
some sort of Klingon dish....one of the ones that is still alive when you
eatit...." Dellan smiled. "Well, I know a little bout computers
msyelf...wanna see if we can get it to work?" Santos knodded. "I'll take any
help I can get." 

*15 minutes later* 

Santos and Dellan walked out to the main room, each carrying a cup of
coffee.Santos smiled and sat at his desk. "Well, thank you  Lt. Have a
seat."He sai,d pointing to the chair in front of the desk. Dellan sat and
sipped his coffee. "Well, down to business. Report Lt." Santos asked. 

(OOC- Okay Andy. You wanna take over? Since I'm sort of in the dark
regardingthe mission....lol) "Round and round our love goes....Like a Tic
TacTo board gone horribly, horribly wrong....."   Lindsay, Wisconsin 4-H
Drama Company 

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