[USS Vanguard] Deadlock

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  • Date: Sun, 4 May 2003 15:36:37 +0100

Lt. Cmdr Jaav E'thexx
USS Tomonaga, Main Engineering
After: Desdemona Cascading Effect/All Recent Posts   

"You are going to return the Tomonaga to our reality and allow our
   ship to transport us off", the Des's spoke.

  "And if we do not?" the Vulcan asked raising an eyebrow.

  "I'm going to show you my inner beauty!" Mandrake flared.

  The Vulcan tapped her communication device and started to speak but
  was interrupted by the Terran.


  "You can't let them dictate this to us!"

  "Slience. I am in command here. It is not logical to argue at this
   point. Patient my friend. We we will still have, as I believe you'd
   say, the cake."

Jaav couldn't help but notice a contradiction in thee Vulcan Commander's 
demeanour.  She was calm, and collected, but Jaav could perceive something 
else, something hidden.  There was a supressed rage in her voice as she spoke 
again into her communication device.  

"Restore the Tomonaga to the Vanguard's universal plane for 0.25 Temporal 
Fractions and nothing more!" The Vulcan barked down the com line at one of her 
subordinates, before turning to the Vanguard officer's, "Only the two damaged 
individuals may leave, any others and I will have you and your ship scattered 
through the space time continuum."

Despite the fact that she seemed to be out numbered, the Vulcan gave the 
impression she had the upper hand.  As the Tomonaga was realigned with the 
Vanguard's Universal plane alone, the multiplied Desdemona's merged back into 
the single one there had been before.  

All the space in Engineering surrounding both crews seemed to blur and the 
bounce back into focus.  Immediately, Soman tapped his badge, 

"Vanguard! Beam Santos and Quetan directly to Sickbay, on the double!"  There 
was an obvious urgency and directness in Soman's order.  within moments Santos 
and Zena we're gone, shimmered away, the remaining officers had no way of 
knowing for certain if their two friends really had been returned to safety.  

Jaav stood up,  looking at the space Zena had occupied a few seconds before, 
praying that she was once again safe back on the Vanguard.  He moved forward 
again and rejoined the rest of the group.  He tapped at his communicator a 
couple of times but it was little use.  The crew of the Tomanaga had made sure 
that they were not aligned with the Vanguard for any longer than was necessary. 
 They we're an unusual bunch, Jaav had not really noticed them up until now, he 
had been too preoccupied with Zena, the individuals did not look like any 
Starfleet Officers he had happened across in his entire career.  

"We've fulfilled our end of the...arrangment," The Vulcan Female began again, 
"...and it appears that YOU are no longer the one's in control," she said, 
smirking as she pointed at the sole Desdemona who sat in the corner, drained.  
"I'm am L'Vor," she announced as she began to circle the Vanguard officers "You 
will start by telling me who YOU are and WHAT you are doing on our vessel..."


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